5 Common Car Radiator Repairs | Charlotte NC

Twin Transmission provides expert and quality repairs, not just on transmissions, but also on radiators. Does your radiator need a repair or a replacement? Contact us before 02/28/14 for 10% OFF your radiator replacement.

Your radiator does a tough job of keeping your vehicle running at its optimal temperatures and performance. The main job of the radiator is to dissipate any excess heat generated by the car as it is running. When something fails, this will cause your radiator to overheat. Sometimes a small repair or patch can be done to fix your radiator, in other cases, the radiator must be replaced.

Here are the 5 most common car radiator repairs:

1) Thermostat Failure

When your radiator overheats, it may typically be the cause of a failed thermostat. This part is a valve that will control the amount of coolant that will flow in and then out of your radiator. When this part fails, it no longer is controlling that feature. This prevents your engine from running at its best operating temperature and causes the car to overheat.

2) Radiator Hose Leak 
If your radiator has a leak, it most likely is not within the cooling system, but the radiator hose itself. This is a typical component that will wear with time, so on routine maintenances or services, be sure to have it inspected. The radiator hose is the component that will link your engine and radiator together. This hose allows coolant to properly flow between them. Radiator hoses should be replaced periodically, no matter their current performance.

3) Air
Air that becomes trapped inside your cooling system can be trouble for your radiator. When this air becomes trapped, it will instantly restrict the flow of coolant. This will not just reduce your efficiency, but also cause your vehicle to overheat.

4) Radiator is Leaking
In some cases, if the radiator leak is not a bad one, it may be able to be patched. However, more troublesome leaks give cause for a radiator replacement. These type of leaks can be difficult to find, rather than some of the radiator problems mentioned above.

5) Water Pump Failed
Radiator overheating can easily be caused by a failed water pump. Your water pump is used by your cooling system to move coolant throughout your entire vehicle’s engine. This coolant will continuously regulate the temperatures. As water moves through the radiator, then goes through the pump, it will go into the engine and then back to the radiator. This needs to function properly in order to keep your vehicle at the right temperature.

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What is the Typical Cost of Transmission Repair?

transmission repair cost charlotte ncThe typical cost of a transmission repair can vary. First off, what type of transmission problems are you experiencing? There are many different types of symptoms that can signal the need for a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild. Twin Transmission has been repairing and rebuilding transmissions for over 30 years. Here are a few different types of transmission repair costs:

1) Transmission Clutch Replacement

A transmission clutch replacement is the most common major type of transmission repair. There are a few parts that are typically replaced during a transmission clutch replacement, such as the clutch disc, throw out bearing and pressure plate. Each part has a specific cost that will determine the cost of your transmission repair. Other types of parts that may be typically replaced are master cylinders and slaver cylinders.

2) Loose Linkage Repair

Loose linkage is also the common cause for a transmisson repair. If you have loose linkage, this can be checked visually by checking for loose or leaking areas. The engine mounts need to be inspected to ensure the sounds are not coming from the engine mount itself also. If the problem cannot be solved, then the transmission may need to be removed from the vehicle to reconnect the linkage.

3) Transmission Rebuild

If your transmission is damaged, you may need a complete transmission rebuild. This is one of the most costly of transmission repairs, but when completed, will restore your transmission to an “almost new” state. A transmission rebuild involves removing the transmission from your vehicle, disassembling the entire unit, replacing the transmission fluid and any damaged parts and then rebuilding.

Do you have a transmission problem or think you may need a transmission repair? As transmssion repair experts in Charlotte NC, we can diagnose your transmission problem and get your vehicle in top condition quickly. Contact us at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate. 

How to Choose a Transmission Repair Company in Charlotte NC

describe the imageThere are many different reasons why you should choose Twin Transmission to repair or rebuild your transmission. In this article, we cover the top things you need to consider before choosing any transmission repair company in the Charlotte NC area:

1) Reputation
When it comes to automotive repair, not just transmission repair, reputation for the business is key. Ask friends for referrals or perform a simple Google search for “best rated transmission repair in Charlotte NC” or “Best transmission shop in Charlotte NC” to read reviews on local Charlotte NC transmission repair comapnies. Read Twin Transmissions reviews here.

2) Knowledge
As a top rated transmission repair company, Twin Transmission does not focus on all types of auto repair, but specializes in transmissions specifically. You want to be sure that the transmission shop you choose keeps your transmission at its top priority and is knowledgable enough to diagnose your transmission problem right the first time. With over 1000 transmissions rebuilt each year and even more jobs completed with transmission repairs, Twin Transmission has expert knowledge in transmissions.

3) Price vs Warranty and Whats Included?
Do not let pricing be your only determining factor for your repair. Call at least 3 transmission repair shops to price your job and be sure to ask what is included with the repair and what is not included. Many shops price differently due the amount of parts they may use. For a complete transmission rebuild, the pricing is different depending on what vehicle type and year it may be. Twin Transmission rebuilds come with a 3 year / Unlimited mile warranty — the longest transmission warranty in the Carolinas.

We hope this helps you choose Twin Transmission for your transmission repair or transmission rebuild! Contact us today for more information, free estimates and more. 

How To Know If You Need a Transmission Rebuild | Charlotte NC

do I need a transmission rebuild | Charlotte NCOne of the many questions we hear from our customers is “Do I need a transmission rebuild?” There are many factors that go into deciding if your transmission does need to be rebuilt. Some factors are very obvious, while others may not be as obvious. As specialists in transmission repair and rebuilding, we have over 30 years experience and although we may not have seen you as a customer before, we have rebuilt or repaired your same transmission with typically the same problem before.

The best way to determine if you need a transmission repair will not be by reading this blog — this blog will give you useful tips that will help you determine if you have a transmission problem, but please do not use this post as a way to diagnose your problem yourself. Like other auto problems, do not wait to have your vehicle looked at if you think you may have a auto problem. Small transmission problems can easily and quickly turn into a larger problem that will need the transmission to be either replaced or rebuilt. Please call us today for a Free Diagnosis of your problem and estimate for your repair.

Strange Noises
Strange noises can mean many things, especially depending on where the noise is coming from. If there is a noise under the hood or near the transmission area, it is very possible that you have a transmission or auto problem, but the likelihood of needing a transmission rebuild cannot be determined only from this noise. Typically other symptoms are present to determine if you need a transmission rebuild or other repair.

Loss of Gears
If you have lost some gears — forward or backwards, both or even 1st or 2nd — any sign of loss of gears instantly means there could be a problem within the transmission itself. Sometimes fluid changes or fluid flushes can help solve or fix this problem.

Red Fluid Leaks
If red fluid is leaking beneath your vehicle, there may be several options for repair. Your transmission could be damanged, resulting in the leak, or there could be another problem.

The best way to determine if you do need a transmission rebuild or repair is to bring your vehicle in to our shop, located in Indian Trail NC. We can take a look at your vehicle and diagnose the situation. Easily then we can let you know what type of repair you need and how long it would take to repair the problem. We also then can give you an estimate for repair.

Please visit us in person at 1102 Technology Drive, Indian Trail NC 28079 or call us today at 704-821-3460 for more information. 

3 Ways To Keep Your Transmission in Top Shape |Transmission Repair

transmission fluid flush charlotte ncNo one ever wants to hear that they need an automotive repair, let alone a transmission repair. Depending on the make and model of your car, a transmission rebuild can be very costly. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent transmission problems. Did you know that over 80% of car owners neglect their transmission? Its true! Let us help you start the new year off right by taking care of the most important component in your car — the transmission.

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Transmission in Top Shape

1) Do Not Drive Wrecklessly
This is not only beneficial to your transmission but also to you the drive and others around you! Do not drive wrecklessly by shifting in and out of gear quickly or failing to shift at the proper time. Doing so will result in transmission problems. These type of transmission problems are very easy to diagnose and quickly show “driving abuse” as the cause.

2) Check Your Transmission Fluid
Most do not know that your transmission fluid needs to be checked as often as you check your vehicle’s engine oil. The transmission fluid is very important as it keeps all the parts inside your transmission lubed and ready to work! If your transmission runs out of oil, this will easily and quickly damage the inside components to the transmission. If the transmission fluid is not changed properly, the poor discolored transmission fluid can cause problems in shifting gears or cause extreme damage resulting in the need for a transmission rebuild.

3) Have Your Vehicle Checked 
If you have a noise inside your vehicle, your car is not shifting properly, or you think that something may be wrong, its time to bring the car in to be looked at. Do not avoid having your vehicle diagnosed! In most cases, a small transmission problem can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. However, if you avoid a small transmission problem, it can quickly grow into the need for a complete transmission rebuild.

Here at Twin Transmission, we provide free transmission diagnosis (with repair). Bring your vehicle by today if you think there may be a transmission problem and let us provide you an affordable estimate for repair. We perform all types of transmission repairs and transmission rebuilds, even completing up to 1000 transmission rebuilds per year. As an expert in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas, we also provide Free Towing! Please call us today at 704-821-3460 for more information.