Can I Even Get a New Transmission?


One thing that can kill the performance of a car faster than most others is a bad transmission. When you hear the warning sounds, such as unexpected grinding, whining, or clunking, then you know you need to have your car looked at by someone who specializes in transmission repair in Charlotte NC. However, what if you have delayed too long and the transmission is beyond a simple repair job? You will need to know if getting a new transmission is possible, and if so, how much it will cost, and how to prevent transmission failure in the future.

New, but Not Really

Technically speaking, getting a new transmission for a car that is not fresh off the factory is simply not possible. New transmissions are only installed in brand new cars, and acquiring one for commercial use simply cannot be done. However, if you are comfortable handing your car over to a manufacturers warehouse or factory, they can install a remanufactured transmission, which is as close as you can get.  However, this is much more costly than rebuilding a transmission, which is an expensive job in itself.

Rebuilding the Transmission, the Local Solution

If you would not prefer to have your car hauled to a warehouse or factory where unknown people will mess with your vehicle, then the best option is to seek out a local transmission repair charlotte NC. They will assist you in rebuilding your transmission.  To do this, they disassemble the transmission (which is quite the task, due to all the complex parts) and assess it for damage.  After replacing the damaged parts with new ones, they then rebuild the device according to manufacturer standards.

The Cost of Rebuilding or Repairing a Transmission

As with most things, it is much simpler and less costly to perform regular repairs before the problem gets out of hand, than it is to replace the whole thing. Generally, repairs will cost anywhere from $150 to $300, which may seem steep until you compare it with the cost of rebuilding a transmission: $1,800 to $3,000, depending on your make and model.  However, even this is paltry compared to a remanufactured transmission, which can run up to a whopping $8,000.  For a used car, that is often more than the vehicle is worth in the first place.

Easy Maintenance to Prevent the Need for Replacement

Obviously, it is much more cost effective to perform regular maintenance on your car than it is to replace it. Firstly, you should regularly check your transmission fluid, and replace it if the need arises, as a lack of lubrication will cause the gears to grind and damage themselves.  Maintenance aside, you should be careful when shifting gears, or engaging the overdrive of the vehicle.  Also, try not to shift into drive at high RPMs, or maintain a high amount of engine heat for too long.

Despite even the best maintenance, however, all transmissions will eventually wear down. If that occurs, come in for a car transmission repair at your local specialist.

Is Transmission Repair Something I Can Teach Myself?


Transmissions are an important part of your vehicle and without them, you will find that your vehicle does not shift correctly and you have trouble driving from one area to the next. Unfortunately, if you have a major transmission repair that needs to be performed, it will cost you money. Typically, transmission repairs are not inexpensive and they are complicated as well. If you are wondering if you can teach yourself how to repair your transmission, continue reading for more information.

Can I Really Teach Myself?

Yes. You can teach yourself to repair a transmission. Although the job is difficult, with the right training and dedication you can learn how to perform the job quickly and flawlessly.

Get the Appropriate Training

When you need transmission repairs, you cannot just take apart your transmission and expect to be able to put it back together. Once your transmission is apart, you better know what you are doing or seek help from a professional immediately.

Before you get started, make sure that you read manuals on transmissions and watch videos related to repairing your transmission. You do not want to attempt to work on any part of your vehicle without knowledge, especially the transmission.

Know What You Need to Repair

It is important that you do not randomly take pieces off of your vehicle. You need to know what exactly needs to be replaced in your transmission or know what is wrong with your transmission. Not knowing what the problem is, could lead to you wasting money on replacing parts that do not need to be replaced or fixed. Always see if you can identify the problem or run a diagnostic check first.

Find an Expert

If you are having trouble fixing your vehicle or you remove something you do not think should be removed, get help right away. Expert transmission repair specialists can replace and repair your transmission without damaging your vehicle’s parts. An expert has the training needed to provide you with the services you expect and need.

In addition, an expert transmission professional can get the job done much quicker. If you perform the job, you may find that it takes days to complete it whereas it may only take a repair shop a few hours to complete the exact same job. Not only that, the repair shop is going to have the parts needed for the job. For instance, if you open up the transmission and find you need a specific bolt, but do not have it on hand, you will have to travel to the store to get it. A repair shop will have that bolt in their inventory room and can grab it without delaying the job.

Lastly, consider how much it will cost you to fix your transmission as opposed to an expert doing it for you. You may find an expert to be more expensive, but when you factor in your time, you will find that transmission repair in Charlotte, NC by a professional is better.

How to Find Someone for Top Transmission Repair



With a piece of your engine as complicated and extensive as your transmission, you definitely do not want to have just anyone take charge of your car transmission repair. For all the money that you will pay to have this vital part of your engine repaired, you want a top-notch job, but how can you find someone qualified to do so? Keep reading for a list of some great ideas to consider when searching for transmission repair charlotte NC.


Find a Trusted Source through Word of Mouth


One great way to find a reliable shop is through the spoken word. As automobiles are such a central part of our modern lives, the chances of having a friend, relative, or other associate who has had transmission troubles is actually relatively high.  You can ask around for recommendations of whom to go to, or warnings about whom to avoid.  With this tactic, you will get the honest opinions of people you trust.


Search Online for Local Shops and Reviews


Another option for finding a good place for transmission repair charlotte NC is in searching online. A simple Google search will lead you to the nearest repair shops, and will lead you toward sites that specialize in reviews.  On these websites, you can see positive or negative reviews, along with customer stories, which will give you a good idea of which repair shops you can trust, and which to avoid. The stories, particularly, will let you know if a shop is prone to hustling you for more money, or if they are sincere and honest.


Ask around the Local Mechanic Shops


Another good resource is to ask around at different mechanic shops. By visiting them, or, alternatively, calling each one, you can ask if they offer car transmission repair.  If they do, you can ask about their rates, or recommendations. If they do not, then they may be able to refer you to a specialist who does, and whom they recommend. Do not commit to anything right away, but wait until you have consulted several mechanics about the job, as you will be able to pick which the one with which you felt the most comfortable.


Verify Certifications and Licenses


Another thing to ask about, or to look for if you go in person, is whether the mechanics have been certified to perform a car transmission repair. If the shop is of good repute, then they will be willing to show you their ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications, as well as any other qualifying certifications they have for working with transmissions.  If they do not agree to show you certificates, then you should not trust them with either your car or your money, and should simply walk out the door.


When it comes to finding a good mechanic to perform transmission repair charlotte NC, as with all things, be very careful. Use your good judgment, and do your research before committing to anything.  After all, it is your car, and your money involved, and you deserve only the best.

Three Questions to Ask a Transmission Repair Specialist


When you need transmission work performed on your vehicle, you can almost count on the fact that it is not going to be an inexpensive repair. Many people get frustrated when their transmission acts up due to the fact that you need your transmission to function properly or the vehicle itself will not function correctly.

Needing transmission repairs performed on your vehicle leaves you vulnerable and you may run into the shop that wants to scam you of your hard-earned money. Instead of letting this happen, you should search for a credible mechanic shop to work with and then determine whether they are truly qualified to help you and provide you with the correct repairs. Consider asking the following questions from your local mechanic and gauge their response before deciding to let them fix your vehicle’s transmission.

1. How many transmissions have you fixed in the past?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask and for good reason. There is a difference between a technician that has fixed one transmission and another technician that has fixed 35 transmissions. If you run into the newbie transmission expert, you may want to find someone else more experienced to perform the job. Your transmission is no laughing matter and if it is not handled correctly, many more problems could go wrong with it. In addition to asking how many years of experience they have, consider asking whether they are certified or licensed to perform the work.

2. How much will it cost me?

Another great question to ask is how much the repairs will cost you. Transmission repairs can be expensive, especially if you need to have yours rebuilt or completely replaced. You want to know that the diagnosis given to your vehicle is the correct one and you do not want to worry about being trapped paying a huge bill when the repairs do not work. Knowing how much each repair will cost can help you budget correctly for the service you need.

3. Is there any type of guarantee?

This is another serious question that you need to ask your local mechanic shop. If you have your transmission repaired, you want to know that if something goes wrong, you are covered. A reputable mechanic will offer a service guarantee with the labor they perform. You will also be able to feel confident in the repairs you receive knowing that they are guaranteed should something happen in the allotted time frame.

Choosing a reputable transmission repair mechanic can be difficult and if you are not diligent in your search, you will find that you do not receive the correct repairs. Unfortunately, more inexperienced mechanics exist over experienced and qualified mechanics so you need to read reviews, ask to see certifications, and ask the questions provided above. Know the facts, know the price, and you will be in good shape. Finding transmission repair in Charlotte, NC is easy when you know what to look for.

Sounds That Indicate Your Transmission is Going Out


You rely on your vehicle to help you make it through your day. Whether you use your gas-sipping car to commute to work each day, your four-wheel drive truck to haul your boat to your favorite lake for fishing and relaxation or your sports car to take a drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you want to keep it in top running order so that it is ready to go when you are. Just like the human body, your vehicle has major systems that keep it running smoothly. Without the proper care, one of these systems could fail, leaving you stranded on the side of the road when you least expect it.


Intricately Related Vehicle Systems


Also like your body, the various systems within your vehicle work closely together to ensure that it runs smoothly. Your transmission, for example, works to propel your vehicle where you direct it to go. When it does not work correctly, you will find that you need to find the name and contact information of a trusted mechanic as quickly as possible so that you can get back on the road.


Warning Signs


While it can be devastating to your vehicle when the transmission goes out – your vehicle will not move if the transmission malfunctions – there are warning signs that something is amiss. If you know what these signs are, and if you act quickly, there is the chance that you might be able to head off expensive repairs and a transmission that does not work at all. Typically, when you are operating your vehicle, you can expect to be able to do so without it making very many noises. The following sounds can indicate that your transmission is on the verge of malfunctioning and prompt action should be taken.


  • Grinding: Unless you are teaching your newly-minted teen driver how to navigate the roads while driving a vehicle with a manual transmission – or if you have a moment of forgetfulness and manage to grind the gears as you manually shift – grinding should not be a noise that is emitted from your vehicle when you are trying to engage the transmission. Grinding indicates that the gears are not syncing as they should be and should be a sign that you need to investigate further.
  • Clunking: If you hear clunking when you are trying to shift your vehicle from one gear to another, it should not be ignored. While there are other parts of your vehicle that can be responsible for making this type of noise, it is worth taking the time to check out the source as soon as possible.
  • Whining or buzzing: These sounds are also indicative of a problem with your transmission if you hear them while you are engaging the gearshift to go forward or backward.


While you might associate unusual sounds with your transmission as you shift it from gear to gear, even if your car is in neutral and not moving, it should not be overly loud. If it is, a trip to the mechanic is in order.

Where to Find a Good Transmission Repair Expert


When you are in need of transmission repairs, finding a qualified shop or technician can be like trying to find a grain of brown rice in a bowl of white rice. Not all technicians are qualified to handle all types of transmission repairs, rebuilds, or replacements. Not only does it take a trained professional, the person performing the repairs must know what they are doing and have years of experience.

If you hire someone to fix your transmission and they are not qualified, you will run into problems with your transmission and you may end up dishing out double the price because the problem wasn’t fixed or the job was only half correct when it was performed. If you are ready to narrow down where you can find a quality transmission expert, continue reading below.

Referrals and Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to find a credible transmission repair expert is by asking around. Referrals and word of mouth go a long way and you will find that when someone has a bad experience, they let you know. When going through all of the information and referrals given to you, determine the shops with the best ratings. Always look for any negative reviews and see why they have negative reviews. If you notice multiple people complaining about unresolved transmission problems, then move on to the next shop.

Online Resources

Searching online resources is a great way to find quality transmission repair shops. You can view reviews, information, and suggestions all in one place. When looking online, search Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, and similar sites for the information you need. You want to make sure you look over everything online and then verify the information. Never take something someone says on the Internet and believe it 100%.

Local Repair Shops

If you are in desperate need of repairs and are having trouble locating someone credible, ask around at the local dealerships and repair shops. If the shop does not offer transmission repairs, they more than likely work with someone who does and can provide you with the information you need. When you are referred to someone, still perform your research and do not just blindly assume everything is okay.

Check Licenses and Certifications

When you work with a mechanic shop, check their licenses and certifications. A reputable shop will gladly show you their ASE certifications and any certifications they hold in transmission services. If they won’t show them to you, turn around and find another shop.

If you are in need of a transmission rebuild, search for quality transmission repair in Charlotte, NC first before you decide on any single company. You want to make sure the person you plan to work with is able to effectively repair your transmission without dragging you and your wallet through the dirt with misdiagnosis and other problems. Don’t fall victim to a transmission scam and know who will be fixing your vehicle.

Three Signs Your Transmission Was Damaged in a Recent Accident


canstockphoto0732659If your vehicle has been in a collision, you may be wondering if the transmission suffered any type of damage. While transmission problems may not present themselves right away, it is important for you not to assume you are in the clear. Whether you are involved in a front end or a rear end collision, you may experience three of the common transmission damage warnings.

Slipping Transmission

A sign that your vehicle has been damaged in a collision will begin with the transmission slipping. When the transmission starts to slip, you will feel your vehicle having a hard time speeding up on the road. As you hit the gas pedal, your vehicle will stay in the same position and will not go anywhere in any type of hurry. Eventually, your vehicle will catch speed, but it may take some time.

Hard Shifting or Wrong Gears

If your transmission is having a hard time shifting or you notice loud noises when you do attempt to shift, you need to have your transmission checked. An accident can knock your transmission around and cause some of the parts to rattle around more than they should. This will lead to trouble with shifting and your transmission may shift into the wrong gears or become stuck in one single gear.

If you continue to drive your vehicle with a transmission that is having a hard time shifting, you run the risk of metal shavings falling off into the coolant and then running through your vehicle. The metal shavings will destroy your vehicle and cause much more expensive repairs.

Leaking Transmission

In some accidents, it is possible for your transmission to crack and then begin leaking. If you notice that you have an active leak, you need to have it checked out immediately. A transmission that is leaking will lead to bigger problems and you will begin to notice that your vehicle is not functioning properly.

What to Do When You Notice a Problem

One of the first things you can do when you notice a problem with your vehicle is find a mechanic to inspect it for you. If you believe your transmission has been damaged, you need to know what type of problem you are dealing with.

Choosing a mechanic may seem difficult at first, but it will become easier with time and a quick search. One of the ways you can narrow down all mechanics is to starting asking who is qualified and certified to work on transmissions. Not every mechanic will have the experience and knowledge needed to work on a transmission.

One of the things you should note is that if your transmission was damaged due to an accident, you may be able to have it fixed through your insurance company. When speaking with your insurance agent, let them know you want to work with an experienced transmission and collision repair shop.