How to Know You’re Viewing Trustworthy Vehicle History Reports

When buying a used car you want to make sure you know everything about the vehicle itself, you want to know the types of accidents it has been in and if regular maintenance has been kept up with it through out the years. There are little tricks that people use to make the report look clean and free of accidents. It is always a smart idea to proceed with caution, have the car checked by someone you trust, test drive the car and check the title. If the car matches the report, you know you can trust the history of it.

Proceed With Caution

It is important to take the car history report with a grain of salt. You should question it and dig deeper to find more information. Just because it is not on the report does not mean that it did not happen to the car. But if you are asking the dealer questions, and he or she is answering them confidently that is a good sign that you have trustworthy car history report.

Have the Vehicle Checked

It is important to do more than just look at the history report of the car. You should have someone that you know and can trust take a look at the car with you to make sure you are not buying a lemon. If the car matches up to the report, it can be safe to trust the report. But if the report says everything is clean, but pieces are missing and there is damage to the vehicle, you should be wary.

Test Driving the Vehicle

Test driving the car is always a great idea to make sure the car runs smoothly and that there are no problems with it. A lot of the times you can feel and hear the problems when you go and drive the car. If the car history report says nothing is wrong with the transmission, but you go to shift gears and it gets stuck, you know the report is starting to lie. Having a transmission problem is just a lot of work to replace, it is best to stay away from transmission problems but test drive the car fist to see if your report is telling the truth.

Check the Title

Checking the title of a car means to check to see if the vehicle history report has any previous damage. If it says the car is a lemon or salvaged those two are the title of the car. If it has a title like that, it is usually best to stay away from those types of cars. Save your money to invest it in something else. But if you see the title and the car together, you do know that the report is telling you the truth.

Having a reliable vehicle to get you around town or on long road trips is important so people can live their lives. When it is time for a new car, that you buy used, you should check the vehicle history report and the car together so you know you can trust what the report is saying. Being cautious with the report, getting the car inspected, test driving the car and checking the title are just some ways to help you trust the report.

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How to Solve the Biggest Transmission Problems with your Pontiac

A Former Brand

There are nearly a hundred, if not a little bit less, car manufacturers across the world. Cars from

Japan and Italy have unique looks, whereas cars built in America have more of a focus on durability and fuel costs General Motors, based in Detroit is probably the biggest car manufacturer in the United States. Fan of Disney World should know them as the main sponsor of the popular ride Test Track. The 2000s economic crash was not kind to United States citizens. Job were difficult to find and even keeping a job was difficult. It was certainly not kind to businesses and companies, and especially not too kind to the automotive industry. After diminishing sales, the General Motors owned Pontiac decided to discontinue the brand and ceased production on all Pontiac cars and trucks.

With it Being Older, Problems Abound

The last few Pontiac cars were last manufactured in, depending on the news source, 2009 or 2010. That is nearly six to seven years since they were manufactured, and most used car dealerships only sell used Pontiac cars. With there being very little material to work on, repairs on Pontiac cars are becoming more and more difficult. Since they are, most of the time, older cars repairs and replacements are probably going to be more and more frequent.

Transmission repairs are probably no exception. This is because transmissions go after a few years. Luckily for those who do not have a working Pontiac, just about every major city and town in America has an auto body repair shop. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Twin Charlotte can provide citizens from all over the major Carolina area, auto repairs. This also includes transmission repairs, which is a type of repair that most auto body shops should be the ones to take care of.

How to Solve a Pontiac’s Transmission Problems

With the Pontiac cars now being older, transmission problems are more and more common. Doing some quick research on Google, here are a few tips to repairing an old Pontiac’s transmission.

Replace Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter controls the emissions of toxic pollutants within a car. These need to be kept up on due to the fact that they can go after a few years.

Repairing Wires

Much like anything else, keeping up on wires and getting newer wires is the best thing to do with a transmission. 

Substituting Fuel and Oil Lines

Not taking care of fuel or oil lines can result in not only a polluting issue, but a highly flammable

one. Substituting the lines for new ones is a good way to keep the fuel of the transmission in check. 

Swap Intake and/or Exhaust Actuator Valve

The two actuators need to be repaired from time to time, especially in an older car.

Replacing Electronic Transmission Actuator

Finally, keeping up with electronic transmission actuators can be the best way to keep an older, electric car system, running well.

An Older Car

Owning an older, more “retro” car is a pretty cool thing. However, finding out that the car is older and sometimes with repairs that they may not build those parts anymore can be an issue. Pontiacs, unfortunately fit into this category. However, it is good to keep in mind what kind of transmission repairs are going to be needed for your Pontiac.

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EditCloneMore The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Toyota Problems

Toyota, Another Huge Car Company

Japan is home to all different kinds of multinational companies that create all kinds of products. Nintendo is arguably the most well-known video game manufacturer of all time. The Sony Corporation produces all kinds of unique electronics from TVs to Blu-ray players. There is the ubiquitous Hello Kitty line of plush toys. However, Japan is known for manufacturing something that is not only useful for the whole world, but also something that they have been competing with the United States for quite some time. The product? Cars.

Nissan and Honda are two major players in the Japanese automobile manufacturer market, however they do not come close to the dominant Toyota. Toyota has actually supplanted General Motors and the Volkswagon Group in Germany as the biggest automobile corporation in the world, in terms of production.

With such a huge market, and so many customers, there is going to be plenty of customers with all kinds of repairs that are going to be needed. Like any car, Toyotas have their fare share of problems. After all no car is perfect, and that is why auto body repair shops exist. A shop like Twin Charlotte in, well, Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in all kinds of auto body repairs and transmission repairs.

Always leave complicated repairs and issues to the professionals. However, if you ever feel the need to listen to someone else, here are some examples of poor advice.

Don’t Listen to this Advice…at all!

In this day and age, everyone is an expert with any subject. After all, they read it on a Google search page, so therefore they must be an expert. It is the same with car repairs and trying to solve car repair related issues. Not everyone can be an expert without some experience.

Any “aspiring” mechanic will probably give you the advice to either do it yourself or give it to him/her. For simple, little issues, this is ideal. However, when it comes to something more complex like a lighting or transmission problem, do not do it yourself or hand it off to your friend. They or you can get hurt doing it. Another poor piece of advice is just letting it sit there and not doing anything about it.

Calling customer service is never a good thing, and anyone who recommends it is just giving you bad advice. For starters, they are not there looking at the issue itself, so they cannot tell you what the solution is to this major issue in person. Plus you can be on the phone with them for hours and not really get anywhere.

Finally, the worst advice is telling someone to just buy a new car. Can’t solve a simple issue or want to pay for a quick repair, just get a whole new car! What kind of sense does that make!?

Always Let the Professionals Handle It

Cars can be simple to fix. There are websites with step-by-step processes that can help any regular Joe fix something simple within their car. However, there are always going to be those complicated repairs. In cases like that, the best advice is always letting the professionals handle situations where you yourself are not comfortable in. After all, they know it the most and they know it the best, which is why they are called “professionals.”

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5 General Maintenance Issues with Most Cars

Owning a Car is Sometimes Not Awesome

Car commercials are everywhere, advertising the newest and most awesome cars for all drivers out there. With the newest technology in cars, such as state of the art steering, rear view cameras for safety and even the music capabilities showcase cars impressive sound systems. With so many cool features, it is no wonder everyone wants to buy the latest, coolest car. Car enthusiasts are psyched to see what comes next, and regular drivers are excited to see what the next big thing is in terms of cars. Everyone is happy.

What everyone does not realize is that even with the newest automotive enhancements, car repairs are still a thing. They are now expensive too, with the new technology. Even older cars still have repairs, but they are much more frequent. Because of these issues, there is a reason why car repair shops exist.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Twin Charlotte is one such auto repair shop. Twin Charlotte takes care of car drivers all over the Carolinas, with all kinds of repairs. Twin Charlotte is just one of many, many auto repair shops across the country.

Common Car Complaints

Every car driver has to deal with similar repair related issues. This does not mean the car was repaired and the car is now having issues. What this means is that a lot of cars all have similar repairs that are needed.

Five Specific Ones

Replacing the Gaskets

Gaskets, like an intake manifold gasket for example, are important for all the internals of cars. The manifold gasket is the most important one, because it prevents leakage of both air and fuel in the car. This is a common repair.

Substituting the Ignition Coils

Ignition coils have an important job, and that is letting the spark plugs know how to do their job within the car. However, neglecting to pay any attention to any issues that are coming about, can result in a number of problems.

Tightening the Loose Fuel Caps

Keeping the fuel inside of the car is a good thing. The fuel is highly flammable and is incredibly dangerous. The loosening of fuel caps happens over time and can ruin the car’s gas mileage. They are a easy, easy fix to, coming out to being less than a dollar.

Swapping Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the fuel within the fuel cylinders, however the problems that can come about from them are drastic. It can melt the catalytic converter or possibly reduce a car’s gas mileage. New spark plugs are cheap, but repairing them are relatively expensive.

Changing the Oxygen Sensor

Something that should be a repair only reserved for auto repair shops since it is a little difficult, is changing the oxygen sensor in the car. It measures the unburned oxygen and lets the driver know how much gas is left in the car.

“Here in my car…”

Now this does not mean that there are only five similar repairs, as there has to be nearly two dozen, if not more, similar repairs. Cars are expensive. Either to buy, to rent and to maintain. However, what most drivers can keep in mind is that they are not the only ones who have to deal with similar repairs. Everyone who drives does.

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5 Problems with Ford Vehicles

Every car has its own issues and around the world, we have seen many auto companies recalling different vehicles over the years. Some have been blamed for numerous deaths while others are blamed for just stalling and costing a lot of money. Ford which is one of the best car models is not exceptional as it has its own problems as well. With some of these problems leading to many swearing that they will not purchase another Ford vehicle, below here are some of the five most common problems with Ford vehicles.

Engine failure

We have seen many car owners complain about issues with transmission that has led to either transmission rebuild or repair. We have also seen many of them complaining about engine failure and this should not surprise you that Ford is not exceptional. An engine failure is one of the worst experiences especially when you are driving at 65 mph with cars speeding from behind as well. You can try stopping the car and end up rolling instead. The engine does not give a warning while turning off and funny enough, when the car is turned off and on, it seems to work quite right.

Ignition sticking

Leaving the house in a hurry and putting the key to ignition only to find that it is sticking. You recently had a transmission rebuild and you cannot imagine going back to the mechanic and spending hundreds of dollars. This is an issue that some Ford owners have had to deal with. Yes the key will get into the ignition but that is the end of it as it will not turn. Although the ignition can be cleaned, so as the key will turn it have been of great concern as you can get stranded just anywhere without a warning.

Wipers turning themselves on

Wipers on some of the Ford Cars especially Ranger happens to randomly turn themselves on. What makes it quite annoying is finding out that nothing is completely wrong with the wipers and you will have to work on them for them to stop. In most cases, the wipers turn themselves on when using the turn signals while others will turn on at anytime as long as the car is on.

Paint flaking

Many Ford owners have complained about paint flaking or blistering not only on Ford Escape, but also on other models. It is quite annoying to have a well maintained car but there is flaking paint on it. The paint starts to bubble before it falls off. Reports indicate that the peeling of the paint normally happens at the trunk hatch and wheel wells especially of the Escape. Ford F-150 also has issues of flaking paint on its side panels and the roof.


Many have complained of having transmission issues with their Ford vehicles when the mileage is still reasonable. Transmission issues have resulted to either transmission rebuild or repairs which can be quite expensive. Transmission issues can result from leakage and overheating among other issues.

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