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Your transmission is easily one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. In order to keep your

vehicle running like it should be, you need to keep your transmission in good working order. There are

mistakes you can make that can hurt your transmission and rack up hundreds and even thousands of

dollars in repair costs. In an effort to keep your transmission in good condition, you have to avoid certain

mistakes that can be made. Here are 3 common mistakes that you should avoid happening to your

Honda Accord’s transmission.

Using the Wrong Fluid

Transmission fluid is a vital part of keeping your transmission running well. Unfortunately, not all

transmission fluid is created equal. In fact transmission fluid could vary and your Honda has specific

needs. In order to find out exactly what type of transmission fluid to put in your vehicle, you should

consult a mechanic or your owner’s manual. Should you end up putting the wrong transmission fluid

into your Honda Accord, you could end up in the repair shop. Transmission fluid should not burn like oil

will. If you find yourself replacing the fluid often, you could have a leak. This leads us to the second

mistake you want to avoid.

Low Transmission Fluid

As stated previously, transmission fluid should not burn off. If you find that your transmission level is

getting low, you want to be sure that you get to the root of the problem to avoid further issues. This is

often the result of a leak that has occurred. You want to routinely check to make sure there is no

transmission fluid under the vehicle when parked. If you begin to smell a sweet smell burning under the

hood, this could also be a sign of your transmission fluid burning. Your mechanic should be able to

diagnose a leak and get it resolved quickly so you are not losing transmission fluid.

Inconsistent Servicing

Having your Honda Accord serviced is a great way to keep your vehicle running optimally. Unlike you are

a professional mechanic, you won’t always know when there is an issue with your vehicle. In an effort to

find potential problems, you want to have an expert take a look at the vehicle. Even routine oil checks

and inspections can be proven helpful. As your mechanic checks your transmission fluid level, they

should be able to see if there are other issues present with the transmission. Your vehicle’s manual

should be able to explain how often your Accord needs to be checked for certain things. Sticking to this

routine will help keep it running its best. It could also save you both time and money should you need

transmission work done later down the road.