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The transmission in your car is used to transfer power over to the driving mechanism which functions the car and allows it to move. It is usually located in a box form which is known as a “gearbox”, which converts speed of power into torque. 

Experts recommend that a transmission needs to be flushed or serviced once a year or after the vehicle has covered 20,000 miles. Some vehicles require you to flush it sooner in order to keep your car tuned to its full capacity.  Here are 3 main reasons you need a transmission service:

Grinding or Rattling Noise

If a transmission has been tainted with grease, dirt, grit, sludge or any other pollutant, it can affect the transmission fluid. You might also experience grinding or rattling sound while driving. If this happens, bring your vehicle in immediately for a transmission service.

Transmission fluid is red in color which can be observed while the engine keeps on running. In the event your transmission fuild changes color to either brown or black, this is a sure sign your transmission fluid needs to be cleaned. The color would change due to being contaminated with different pollutants, such as the ones mentioned above.

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Trouble Shifting Gears

No matter if your vehicle is a manual or automatic, clean transmission fluid is necessary to keep your vehicle running. If you’re having a problem shifting gears or they’re responding slowly, this can also indicate you are due to have your transmission fluid flushed and changed.

Surging Vehicle

You must have observed the jump start of your vehicle while it jerks back and forth, this is due to the transmission getting over polluted with dirt and impurities! To overcome this issue, simply get your transmission flushed up for a smooth performance.

Did you know…Over 80% ignore the signs for a transmission service? If you ignore the signs for your transmission fluid service, you could end up with a costly transmission rebuild. 3 in 5 transmission rebuilds are caused by improper maintenance or service to the transmission.

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