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Acura is a Japanese car built by Honda. The car is reliable and a favorite amongst people who like economical cars that offer good performance. However, some models of the Acura had a manufacturing defect with the transmission. The transmission issue was so severe that the company had extended the warranties and even recalled some transmissions. Most of the issues that arose in the Acura’s transmission required a transmission rebuild. Here is a list of the issues that car owners faced with their Acura’s transmission:

Second Gear Won’t Engage

One of the most common issues with Acura’s transmission is that the second gear doesn’t engage. The car would go into the first gear and the third gear would engage directly after the first. The second gear wouldn’t engage at all. This issue could also develop into a bigger issue with the transmission locking. This is normally caused by a chipped tooth. The tooth if stuck between the other gears can cause a lockup and cause a crash or damage other components.

Burning Smell from the Transmission Fluid

The Acura transmission had another issue which was overheating of the transmission fluid. The fluid would overheat which would cause improper lubrication of the internal components. This resulted in the gear teeth chipping. The shavings from the gears would get stuck in the fluid lines and stop the inflow of fluid. This would eventually result in the gear teeth breaking. The issue is not caused by regular driving. There were certain driving conditions that would stimulate the issue.

Gear Slipping

The gear slipping issue was another one that will set the car owner back by a few thousand bucks if the car is out of warranty. The cause was blocked transmission fluid lines. Another reason for this was a solenoid failure. If the solenoid failure was the root cause of the issue then a simple repair would do. However, if the fluid lines are blocked then a complete rebuild is required. This can be a costly repair therefore it is best to install an external transmission fluid.

The best way to preserve your transmission fluid is to drain the old fluid and refill it every 15,000 miles. However, if you notice any of the abovementioned issues, you should get in touch with a professional immediately!

Twin Transmission repairs all types of vehicles, including Acura car types. If you think you need a transmission repair or if you have a problem with your Acura, bring it in for a Free Diagnosis. 

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