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car ac repair charlotte nc 2013Discovering that your car AC has decided to go on a break right in the middle of a long road trip on a blistering summer afternoon is definitely the last thing you’d ever want. Being in the middle of a road trip, you might not be able to do much about it. What you can do, however, is to make sure that you car’s air conditioner is in proper working condition before you leave for your trip.

By keeping on the lookout for a few simple signs, you can easily determine that your car’s AC isn’t working properly and might give up any time soon. Here at Twin Transmission, we are not only Transmission Repair experts, but also can help you with any car AC problem. View our Car AC Coupons by clicking here.

So, if you’re planning to leave for a road trip, look for these three signs to see if your car’s AC is in a condition to make the trip without any problems:

#1) It Blows Warm Air

The very first sign that your car AC is not functioning properly is that it will start blowing warm air. This can be easily detected as the temperature of your car will stay warm even after you keep it working for a long time. When the car AC starts acting this way, it is a clear indication that it needs repair. If you don’t pay attention to the problem quickly, the AC is bound to break down any time.

#2) It Emits Smelly Air

Another clear sign that your AC is starting to lose its functionality is when it starts blowing foul smelling air into the car. There can be many reasons why this odor is present in the air, but all it indicates is one thing: your car’s AC needs to be repaired, especially if the odor has a smoky or burned feel to it. Therefore, if you notice that switching on the air conditioner leads to your car getting smelly, you should get it checked before it gives up on you.

#3) Cooling the Car Slowly

Another indication of a malfunctioning AC is when it takes too long to cool a car. If you noticed that it is taking your AC longer than usual to bring the temperature down, there’s definitely something wrong with it. Before it stops functioning altogether, you should get it checked by a repairman as soon as possible.

So, keep on the lookout for these or else you’ll be stuck with a faulty AC this sweltering summer! 

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