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Honda is considered to be an economical and reliable automobile. It is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers in the world. However, there are a few models launched by Honda which had design flaws in the automatic transmission. The cars that experienced the issue were mainly the Honda Accord and the Odyssey. The root cause of the issue in some models was usually a faulty ball bearing and improper lubrication.

No matter what the root cause was, all the models displayed similar issues. Unfortunately, by the time these issues became prominent there were no preventive measures that could be taken. The only solution was to have the entire transmission rebuilt or replaced. Let’s look at what the signs were:

Improper Shifting

A major problem with the Honda is an improper shifting pattern. If you get it examined, the mechanic would not be able to find anything wrong with it. But eventually the transmission would require replacing as the issue would keep worsening. There are no definite signs of this issue. The only thing you would be able to feel is delay in shifting. You may also notice the transmission struggling to shift into the next gear. As soon as you notice this issue, have the mechanic disassemble your car’s transmission and check all the components.

Shifting To Neutral

Another common issue with the Honda transmission is random shifting to neutral. The car would automatically shift from any gear to neutral. This could happen in heavy traffic or on the highway at high speed. This is another issue which can’t really be diagnosed when it begins. Once the transmission is completely inoperable, only then can a mechanic actually fix it. The only way to save you from a costly rebuild is to have it disassembled and checked thoroughly.

Sudden Downshifting

The random downshifting is a particularly dangerous issue with Honda transmissions. At high speed, the car’s transmission would suddenly downshift to a lower gear. The sudden downshift results in a braking action and can result in a collision.

These issues can also result in a transmission lock up. If the transmission locks when you are driving on the highway, it could be fatal. At the first sign of trouble with your transmission you should have it inspected and repaired.

Do you have a problem with your Honda transmission? Loss of gears, trouble shifting, red fluid leaks and more are all signs of early transmission problems. As Charlotte NC’s expert and leader in transmission repair, you can trust that we can diagnose and fix your transmission problem in a timely manner. Contact us today for a Free Diagnosis and estimate. Most transmission rebuilds are complete in 1 – 3 days.