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As a driver it is crucial that you consider any sign that may signal a problem with your Honda

Odyssey. By taking care of the problems when the first happen, you can often avoid timely and

expensive repairs down the road. One of the biggest issues drivers will often face is transmission

problems. When you have a problem with your transmission, it is imperative that you do something

about it right away. Whether you know a little about vehicles and want to fix it yourself or take it to

your local mechanic, your vehicle should be looked at right away. In an effort to troubleshoot your

transmission issues quickly and thoroughly, you need to be aware of signs that can help signal an

issue faster. Here are some of the signs you should look for that say your Honda Odyssey needs

transmission work.

Unusual Smell

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are having transmission problems is by a burning smell.

Transmission fluid will often have a sweet smell. While transmission fluid should not burn off like oil

does, it can often spring a leak and cause a burning smell. When you do smell this unusual scent, it is

important to take your vehicle to a local mechanic. Should you have a leak and continue to drive your

vehicle, you could be doing further damage to the transmission.

Switching Gears

While driving your Honda Odyssey, you should be able to transition into the different gears very

smoothly. If you are struggling to get your vehicle into gear, you may notice a slipping in between gears

or a jolt. This can quickly signal a transmission problem with your Honda Odyssey. This difficulty in

shifting gears is often caused by bad transmission fluid or a lack of transmission fluid. Your transmission

fluid should be changed often to ensure it remains debris free. You should never be able to tell when

your Odyssey is trying to switch gears. If you can, you should have it looked at to see what may be

causing this.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you have a leak under your Honda Odyssey, this is by far the easiest way to tell you have a

transmission problem. Your transmission fluid should not burn out so if you do see a leak, you should

check your transmission level to see if it is where it should be. Since transmission fluid does not burn, it

should remain at a constant level. A leak under your vehicle could be numerous things, but you can tell

it is transmission fluid if it has a reddish brown tint to it. The more debris and grime in the fluid, the

darker it will be and may not resemble traditional transmission fluid. You could also smell it to see if it

has a sweet smell. If you do find that you have a leak, you should have it looked at quickly. You do not

want to continue driving your vehicle if you have no or little transmission fluid.