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With the arrival of winter just round the corner, it is time for you to prepare your car to make it a safer ride. Car accidents rise significantly in winter due to slippery roads, which make vehicles more susceptible slipping. Taking a few additional safety measures before winter arrives can help you keep your vehicle safe in the harsh weather, making sure that you and passengers remain safe. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to make your car ready for winter:

Get a Fluid Flush

The first thing you should do is get the transmission fluid and oil changed. Fluids that are too old get dirty and extremely thick, making it harder for the engine to perform, putting pressure on it. This can affect the performance of your engine causing different issues. The gear might get stuck or the car would stop working at all, leaving you without any vehicle in the harsh winter. So, fluid flush is the first thing your vehicle needs before winter.

Check Your Brakes

In winter, the roads get extremely slippery and therefore, applying brakes wouldn’t stop the car immediately. So, you need to ensure that your brakes are functional and in a good position to perform as needed. You should get the brake oil and beak cord checked thoroughly by a professional to ensure that they are completely functional.

Get Winter Tires

Winter tires are available for installation so that you can drive more safely in winter. These tires usually have a slightly higher pressure, and they create more traction over the slippery surfaces, decreasing the chances that your car would slip off the road. If you are not planning to get winter tires, you can at least get the pressure of your current tires checked. You can make the tire slightly more pressurized than normal for creating more traction. This would also make your car tires less slippery.

If you take care of these few simple things in your vehicle before winter, you can get your vehicle ready to be driven on slippery roads more safely. This will not just keep you but others in your car safe as well.