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Your radiator does a tough job of keeping your vehicle running at its optimal temperatures and performance. The main job of the radiator is to dissipate any excess heat generated by the car as it is running. When something fails, this will cause your radiator to overheat. Sometimes a small repair or patch can be done to fix your radiator, in other cases, the radiator must be replaced.

Here are the 5 most common car radiator repairs:

1) Thermostat Failure

When your radiator overheats, it may typically be the cause of a failed thermostat. This part is a valve that will control the amount of coolant that will flow in and then out of your radiator. When this part fails, it no longer is controlling that feature. This prevents your engine from running at its best operating temperature and causes the car to overheat.

2) Radiator Hose LeakĀ 
If your radiator has a leak, it most likely is not within the cooling system, but the radiator hose itself. This is a typical component that will wear with time, so on routine maintenances or services, be sure to have it inspected. The radiator hose is the component that will link your engine and radiator together. This hose allows coolant to properly flow between them. Radiator hoses should be replaced periodically, no matter their current performance.

3) Air
Air that becomes trapped inside your cooling system can be trouble for your radiator. When this air becomes trapped, it will instantly restrict the flow of coolant. This will not just reduce your efficiency, but also cause your vehicle to overheat.

4) Radiator is Leaking
In some cases, if the radiator leak is not a bad one, it may be able to be patched. However, more troublesome leaks give cause for a radiator replacement. These type of leaks can be difficult to find, rather than some of the radiator problems mentioned above.

5) Water Pump Failed
Radiator overheating can easily be caused by a failed water pump. Your water pump is used by your cooling system to move coolant throughout your entire vehicle’s engine. This coolant will continuously regulate the temperatures. As water moves through the radiator, then goes through the pump, it will go into the engine and then back to the radiator. This needs to function properly in order to keep your vehicle at the right temperature.

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