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Owning a Car is Sometimes Not Awesome

Car commercials are everywhere, advertising the newest and most awesome cars for all drivers out there. With the newest technology in cars, such as state of the art steering, rear view cameras for safety and even the music capabilities showcase cars impressive sound systems. With so many cool features, it is no wonder everyone wants to buy the latest, coolest car. Car enthusiasts are psyched to see what comes next, and regular drivers are excited to see what the next big thing is in terms of cars. Everyone is happy.

What everyone does not realize is that even with the newest automotive enhancements, car repairs are still a thing. They are now expensive too, with the new technology. Even older cars still have repairs, but they are much more frequent. Because of these issues, there is a reason why car repair shops exist.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Twin Charlotte is one such auto repair shop. Twin Charlotte takes care of car drivers all over the Carolinas, with all kinds of repairs. Twin Charlotte is just one of many, many auto repair shops across the country.

Common Car Complaints

Every car driver has to deal with similar repair related issues. This does not mean the car was repaired and the car is now having issues. What this means is that a lot of cars all have similar repairs that are needed.

Five Specific Ones

Replacing the Gaskets

Gaskets, like an intake manifold gasket for example, are important for all the internals of cars. The manifold gasket is the most important one, because it prevents leakage of both air and fuel in the car. This is a common repair.

Substituting the Ignition Coils

Ignition coils have an important job, and that is letting the spark plugs know how to do their job within the car. However, neglecting to pay any attention to any issues that are coming about, can result in a number of problems.

Tightening the Loose Fuel Caps

Keeping the fuel inside of the car is a good thing. The fuel is highly flammable and is incredibly dangerous. The loosening of fuel caps happens over time and can ruin the car’s gas mileage. They are a easy, easy fix to, coming out to being less than a dollar.

Swapping Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the fuel within the fuel cylinders, however the problems that can come about from them are drastic. It can melt the catalytic converter or possibly reduce a car’s gas mileage. New spark plugs are cheap, but repairing them are relatively expensive.

Changing the Oxygen Sensor

Something that should be a repair only reserved for auto repair shops since it is a little difficult, is changing the oxygen sensor in the car. It measures the unburned oxygen and lets the driver know how much gas is left in the car.

“Here in my car…”

Now this does not mean that there are only five similar repairs, as there has to be nearly two dozen, if not more, similar repairs. Cars are expensive. Either to buy, to rent and to maintain. However, what most drivers can keep in mind is that they are not the only ones who have to deal with similar repairs. Everyone who drives does.

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