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When it comes to transmission repair in Charlotte, NC, you will be surprised at how many drivers don’t know that they need to look at their transmission fluid on a regular basis. If you see transmission fluid is leaking, driving is highly discouraged. Whether you can drive it in for repair depends on the severity and size of the leak itself. If your driveway is filled with transmission fluid, you may need a tow truck. Below you will find some reasons that driving your car if it is leaking transmission fluid is a really bad idea and what you can do to fix it.


Check the Fluid


Using a dipstick can come in handy to check fluid levels. If the fluid levels are too low, then towing is a good option. The only real distance you should drive with low transmission fluid or a severe leak is to your local repair shop. It is advised that you work with a trusted mechanic for transmission repair in Charlotte, NC to sort out any kind of problem related to the leak. The one thing you never want to do is drive a far distance when your transmission is leaking. Once the fluid has run out, your transmission will cease to work, eventually seizing up and costing you are ton of money to repair or rebuild. It is possible, that you might even have to have a new transmission and that is not a cheap thing to buy.


Prevention is Key

In order to prevent a transmission from leaking to begin with, it’s suggested that you have regular maintenance done on your vehicle and that you drive safely and under normal road conditions. Abusing a vehicle by failing to maintain it or by driving recklessly can cause damage to the transmission. Usually, the main culprit to transmissions leaking is the seal, and unfortunately it is not cheap to replace them. You will find yourself in a situation where you are paying hundreds of dollars to replace a seal that is only worth 20 dollars Seals are just like brake pads, they only last for a certain amount of time and are, unfortunately, subject to wear and tear. The real cost comes in the labor required to disassemble and reassemble the complex machine that is the transmission.


There is no substitute for regular maintenance and attention to the needs of your vehicle.  If you notice leaks or problems, it is best to take it into the shop as soon as possible.  Maintenance delayed is the biggest culprit in transmission failures later down the road. If you are on the road and see that your car is leaking transmission fluid, you need to stop and add some. If the leak is really bad, shut your car off and call a tow truck to get it to the nearest repair shop. Make sure that you only used trusted transmission repair in Charlotte, NC as well.