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One thing that can kill the performance of a car faster than most others is a bad transmission. When you hear the warning sounds, such as unexpected grinding, whining, or clunking, then you know you need to have your car looked at by someone who specializes in transmission repair charlotte NC. However, what if you have delayed too long and the transmission is beyond a simple repair job? You will need to know if getting a new transmission is possible, and if so, how much it will cost, and how to prevent transmission failure in the future.


New, but Not Really


Technically speaking, getting a new transmission for a car that is not fresh off the factory is simply not possible. New transmissions are only installed in brand new cars, and acquiring one for commercial use simply cannot be done. However, if you are comfortable handing your car over to a manufacturers warehouse or factory, they can install a remanufactured transmission, which is as close as you can get.  However, this is much more costly than rebuilding a transmission, which is an expensive job in itself.


Rebuilding the Transmission, the Local Solution


If you would not prefer to have your car hauled to a warehouse or factory where unknown people will mess with your vehicle, then the best option is to seek out a local transmission repair charlotte NC. They will assist you in rebuilding your transmission.  To do this, they disassemble the transmission (which is quite the task, due to all the complex parts) and assess it for damage.  After replacing the damaged parts with new ones, they then rebuild the device according to manufacturer standards.


The Cost of Rebuilding or Repairing a Transmission


As with most things, it is much simpler and less costly to perform regular repairs before the problem gets out of hand, than it is to replace the whole thing. Generally, repairs will cost anywhere from $150 to $300, which may seem steep until you compare it with the cost of rebuilding a transmission: $1,800 to $3,000, depending on your make and model.  However, even this is paltry compared to a remanufactured transmission, which can run up to a whopping $8,000.  For a used car, that is often more than the vehicle is worth in the first place.


Easy Maintenance to Prevent the Need for Replacement


Obviously, it is much more cost effective to perform regular maintenance on your car than it is to replace it. Firstly, you should regularly check your transmission fluid, and replace it if the need arises, as a lack of lubrication will cause the gears to grind and damage themselves.  Maintenance aside, you should be careful when shifting gears, or engaging the overdrive of the vehicle.  Also, try not to shift into drive at high RPMs, or maintain a high amount of engine heat for too long.


Despite even the best maintenance, however, all transmissions will eventually wear down. If that occurs, come in for a car transmission repair at your local specialist.