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Why should I get my car A/C serviced or checked?
I didn’t use it since last summer — it must still work fine!

Here at Twin Charlotte, we hear questions and statements like the two above all the time. Just like other types of auto services, what you don’t know about them can and will cause severe damage to your vehicle. In order for every component in your vehicle to run properly and efficiently, you need to have specific services performed to avoid major and costly repairs. Transmission fluid flushes, oil changes, tune-ups and A/C Checks are all types of auto repair services your vehicle needs. Today, we explain why you need to have you car A/c checked before you assume its working condition and potentially cause major issues:

Your air conditioning should be checked for proper operation and Freon charge at least once a year. Freon is very hard to contain in an automotive system. The reason is your air conditioning compressor operates at all different speeds due to engine RPM. The rest of the system is comprised of many dissimilar materials that expand and contract at different rates and along with the movement of the engine; this allows a minute amount of Freon to escape. This is normal and that’s why the system should be checked for low charge.

You might say, “I do not use my A/C system during winter months”, but the truth is you do all the time, no matter what season. Everytime you put the defrost on, the A/C system compressor turns on to to dry the air before it is directed to the windsheild.

Checking the car A/C system for the correct amount of freon is very important because the freon carries the A/C system oil. This A/C system oil is the lubucates the moving parts working insde the A/C system.Insufficient freon can damage your compressor and all the parts in the A/C system resulting in costly repairs. Car A/C systems should also be tested at least once a year to make sure the freon levels are at the proper levels specified by the car manufacturer. These specific amounts enable your vehicle to operate efficiently. Not knowing if you have the proper fluid or freon levels, and just Waiting to see if the A/C system works in your car or truck, may result in unnessary damage. Its best to be prepared and have a A/C check performed.

Get it done right
Lastly make sure that the shop you are using for your A/C repair is using the right kind of A/C system servicing equipment. The wrong equipment will result in a improper A/C system service which will cost you more money in the long run. Here at Twin Charlotte we use the most advanced A/C diagnosing, checking and refilling tools and equipment.

Today’s car and truck A/C systems are not like they were 30 years ago. Some car owners may think the only step involved to “fix” a broken A/C is to recharge with some fluid, but this procedure should be left to the professionals. As explained earlier, improper levels of fluid or improper handling of materials can result in severe damage to your vehicle.

Its not expensive
This type of service is not very costly. For just between $95 to $145 (given the amount of freon or repair your vehicle requires), you can ensure you and your passengers will be riding with complete cool air this hot summer. For a free estimate specific to your vehicle, an A/C system check or more, please contact Twin Charlotte directly at 704-821-3460