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Car transmission system is an assembly of many different parts in the car that are sending out signals to other car parts, ensuring its proper function and mobility. The transmission system is consisted of a few very important parts, such as the torque converter, the propeller shaft and the speed changing gears. Each of the individual parts plays a vital role in the overall function of the car. The way the transmission works is by generating power from the internal combustion engine and then transferring it to the car wheels. The car transmission allows the car to start, slow down and stop and it also influences the car speed. The torque converter in the transmission system allows the car to accelerate.

Different cars have different types of transmissions and here are some of the characteristics for each type of transmission.

1. Manual Transmission.

This type of transmission is consisted of clutch, brake and gas pedals that make the car move and stop. Some of the newer cars today have six-speed transmissions, instead of the usual five speeds. With manual transmission you have a complete control of your car and control over the transmission of the power.

2. Automatic Transmission.

Cars with automatic transmission are very easy to operate and allow bigger comfort while driving. When you put it in a Drive mode you just press the gas pedal and go. The torque converter does the entire job for you. The new technologies installed in the newer cars also allow six-speed automatic transmission. Some of the more luxurious cars at the market are even having seven-speed automatic transmissions.

3. Auto-Shifting Manual Transmissions.

Luxurious brands like Mercedes, BMW or Audi have this type of transmission in their car models. Audi has direct shift gearbox, while BMW operates with sequential manual gearbox. So how does this transmission work? This type of car transmission uses the clutch like a manual transmission which is shifted automatically. With this type of transmission, the car does not have a torque converter but it does have a clutch. This option is very good for people that prefer the option for automatic while in traffic, but still want the power to shift the gears when they want to do it. Auto-shifting manual transmission is becoming more and more popular, and some other car manufacturers have announced that they plan to implement it in their future car models.

4. CVT Transmissions.

This type of transmission is automatic transmission, but it performs and operates a bit differently. Like in regular automatic transmission cars, you put the car in drive mode and then go. In cars with this type of transmission the feeling of the shift is slightly different than in the regular automatic transmissions. Also this type of transmission cannot transfer as much as power to the wheels, and it loses on average about twenty percent of the power with its transfer to the wheels. This type of transmission is rarely used in the cars today and cars with this type of transmission are not very popular.