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If you have a transmission problem, you may think that it is easier to just go ahead and repair it yourself. While it would be convenient, it is not always a good idea to take up a do-it-yourself attitude on some things. Your vehicle’s transmission is a huge part of your car and without it, your vehicle will not function correctly and you will not be able to get from place to place.

Every vehicle is different, but one thing is the same – the vehicle’s transmission is one of the most used parts and takes the most wear and tear. If you are not taking care of your transmission and having regular maintenance performed on it, it will fail and you will need repair.

There are a few reasons why DIY transmission repair is not a good idea, and we will go over them below.

Chips and Systems

Many vehicles, especially newer ones, have an ECU that uses computers, electronic systems, and chips. These chips and computers are responsible for housing the information about the transmission and you typically see them work when your engine light comes on. It is important not to mess with these pieces as it can affect the entire vehicle.


It is unlikely that you have all of the tools needed to repair or rebuild your own transmission. It takes special wrenches, sockets, and more. These tools cannot just be picked up anywhere and many of them are expensive and require knowledge before use. It is not easy to just learn how to use the tools, especially if you have nothing to practice on and the last thing you want to do is remove the wrong piece from your transmission.

No Guarantee

When you take your vehicle in to a repair shop, you get a guarantee that the vehicle will work and be in a functioning order. For instance, if you have your transmission rebuilt, you may get a one year warranty on it. If you fix the transmission yourself, you are not given any type of warranty and if something goes wrong, it is on you to fix it or at that point take it to a mechanic shop.


It is essential that if you do plan to work on your transmission that you have the experience needed to do so. Many people try to attempt working on their transmission and then realize how complicated it actually is. For instance, you must remove other pieces of the vehicle and not just the transmission. Simply placing all of the parts back into the vehicle can be a puzzle that is unsolvable for many.

If you are interested in having your transmission repaired or rebuilt, trust a professional to do it. Trying to do it yourself will only lead to frustration and an