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If your transmission is not working correctly then you are driving on borrowed time. It is important to have your transmission fixed as soon as possible, but sometimes not everyone can afford the repairs right away. One of the most important things to remember is that the more you drive a damaged transmission, the more you will be damaging it and other parts of the vehicle.

Driving on a bad transmission is never a good idea and you should not do it. Technically the vehicle can still be driven, but every time you do drive it you are risking your chances. If metal shavings begin to chip off and get into your coolant, you will have a much larger repair on your hands. Not only that, the repair will be much more expensive.

How to Tell You Have a Transmission Problem

There are a number of ways you can tell whether or not your transmission has a problem. One of the most identifiable signs is through your vehicle’s dashboard. If your engine light is on, this can signal a variety of things, but often times it means there is a problem with the transmission or engine. If you do notice that the engine light is on, make sure that you have the vehicle checked right away.

Another indicator of a bad transmission is when the transmission is not properly shifting into gears. Your vehicle should move from one gear to the next without you even noticing. You should never feel the shift or hear the shift while you are driving. If you can hear or feel the vehicle shifting then there is a problem.

You can also tell the transmission has problems if you notice that the vehicle does not move right away or has trouble getting up to speed. These are two signs that the vehicle is in need of a transmission repair. Your vehicle should not have to work to get up to speed and you should be able to accelerate and the vehicle move down the road.

Hire a Good Transmission Mechanic

If you are in need of transmission repairs or a replacement, speak with your local transmission repair shop in Charlotte, NC. You want to make sure that the service you receive is of quality and that the mechanic performing the work knows what he or she is doing.

Transmission repairs are a huge project and they take a lot of time, focus, and patience. You are not able to just take apart the transmission, replace a couple of pieces, and then replace it in your vehicle. You need to make sure that each piece is replaced and tightened properly. An experienced mechanic will have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to get the job done right for you.

Don’t ride around with a damaged transmission and take your vehicle in today for needed repairs.