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describe the imageThere are many different reasons why you should choose Twin Transmission to repair or rebuild your transmission. In this article, we cover the top things you need to consider before choosing any transmission repair company in the Charlotte NC area:

1) Reputation
When it comes to automotive repair, not just transmission repair, reputation for the business is key. Ask friends for referrals or perform a simple Google search for “best rated transmission repair in Charlotte NC” or “Best transmission shop in Charlotte NC” to read reviews on local Charlotte NC transmission repair comapnies. Read Twin Transmissions reviews here.

2) Knowledge
As a top rated transmission repair company, Twin Transmission does not focus on all types of auto repair, but specializes in transmissions specifically. You want to be sure that the transmission shop you choose keeps your transmission at its top priority and is knowledgable enough to diagnose your transmission problem right the first time. With over 1000 transmissions rebuilt each year and even more jobs completed with transmission repairs, Twin Transmission has expert knowledge in transmissions.

3) Price vs Warranty and Whats Included?
Do not let pricing be your only determining factor for your repair. Call at least 3 transmission repair shops to price your job and be sure to ask what is included with the repair and what is not included. Many shops price differently due the amount of parts they may use. For a complete transmission rebuild, the pricing is different depending on what vehicle type and year it may be. Twin Transmission rebuilds come with a 3 year / Unlimited mile warranty — the longest transmission warranty in the Carolinas.

We hope this helps you choose Twin Transmission for your transmission repair or transmission rebuild! Contact us today for more information, free estimates and more.