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do I need a transmission rebuild | Charlotte NCOne of the many questions we hear from our customers is “Do I need a transmission rebuild?” There are many factors that go into deciding if your transmission does need to be rebuilt. Some factors are very obvious, while others may not be as obvious. As specialists in transmission repair and rebuilding, we have over 30 years experience and although we may not have seen you as a customer before, we have rebuilt or repaired your same transmission with typically the same problem before.

The best way to determine if you need a transmission repair will not be by reading this blog — this blog will give you useful tips that will help you determine if you have a transmission problem, but please do not use this post as a way to diagnose your problem yourself. Like other auto problems, do not wait to have your vehicle looked at if you think you may have a auto problem. Small transmission problems can easily and quickly turn into a larger problem that will need the transmission to be either replaced or rebuilt. Please call us today for a Free Diagnosis of your problem and estimate for your repair.

Strange Noises
Strange noises can mean many things, especially depending on where the noise is coming from. If there is a noise under the hood or near the transmission area, it is very possible that you have a transmission or auto problem, but the likelihood of needing a transmission rebuild cannot be determined only from this noise. Typically other symptoms are present to determine if you need a transmission rebuild or other repair.

Loss of Gears
If you have lost some gears — forward or backwards, both or even 1st or 2nd — any sign of loss of gears instantly means there could be a problem within the transmission itself. Sometimes fluid changes or fluid flushes can help solve or fix this problem.

Red Fluid Leaks
If red fluid is leaking beneath your vehicle, there may be several options for repair. Your transmission could be damanged, resulting in the leak, or there could be another problem.

The best way to determine if you do need a transmission rebuild or repair is to bring your vehicle in to our shop, located in Indian Trail NC. We can take a look at your vehicle and diagnose the situation. Easily then we can let you know what type of repair you need and how long it would take to repair the problem. We also then can give you an estimate for repair.

Please visit us in person at 1102 Technology Drive, Indian Trail NC 28079 or call us today at 704-821-3460 for more information.