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It is true that car passcode locks can become damaged over time. 2002 Chevrolet Impalas contain passcode locks that may have to be replaced after a long period of use. If you own a Chevy Impala with a passcode, then you may want to read on to find out how to replace it. More importantly, you want to know exactly when you should get a new passcode lock for your vehicle.

The Security Light Keeps Flashing

If you are driving your car and the security light for the passcode lock keeps blinking, then chances are that something is probably wrong. This is because the security light should only blink when the car is off or if someone is trying to get into the car without using bypassing the passcode lock. Find out if your car is under warranty before bringing it into the shop to be looked at.

Thee Passcode Lock Won’t Let You Into Your Car

If you know you are putting in the right code to your passcode lock and it keeps telling you that your passcode is wrong, then there is definitely something wrong. Double check to make sure that you have the right code before you call up your mechanic and ask them to fix it. There could be a loose wire of some sort that is causing the passcode lock to malfunction.

The Lock is Physically Damaged

Little scratches here and there will not affect the capabilities of the passcode lock, but if there is physical damage to it, then there could be complications later on. If your passcode lock has severe physical damage to the outside of it, then get it fixed as soon as possible, Physical problems could lead to internal problems and loose wires.

Physical problems are definitely a leading cause of a passcode lock not recognizing a passcode. Although loose wires will cause this problem as well, the physical damage done to a passcode lock could force it to read the numbers or letters you input into it the wrong way. If you cannot fix the physical problems yourself, then make sure to contact someone who can fix it and bring it in right away. Sometimes, however, a passcode lock cannot be fixed and it has to be replaced.

Not all Chevrolet Impalas have passcode locks, but those who own other car models with passcode locks can use this information to know when their passcode locks need to be repaired or replaced, as well. The fix generally won’t cost more than $600, but getting a new lock can cost more than $1,000. Discuss the prices and options with your mechanic or lock specialist so that you can pick the option that is best for your car. You also want to keep your budget in mind so that you don’t wind up paying more to fix your passcode lock if you can replace it for less money. If any of these issues ever cause your passcode lock to stop working, assess the situation appropriately and understand that you may have to get the lock repaired or replaced.

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