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A Former Brand

There are nearly a hundred, if not a little bit less, car manufacturers across the world. Cars from

Japan and Italy have unique looks, whereas cars built in America have more of a focus on durability and fuel costs General Motors, based in Detroit is probably the biggest car manufacturer in the United States. Fan of Disney World should know them as the main sponsor of the popular ride Test Track. The 2000s economic crash was not kind to United States citizens. Job were difficult to find and even keeping a job was difficult. It was certainly not kind to businesses and companies, and especially not too kind to the automotive industry. After diminishing sales, the General Motors owned Pontiac decided to discontinue the brand and ceased production on all Pontiac cars and trucks.

With it Being Older, Problems Abound

The last few Pontiac cars were last manufactured in, depending on the news source, 2009 or 2010. That is nearly six to seven years since they were manufactured, and most used car dealerships only sell used Pontiac cars. With there being very little material to work on, repairs on Pontiac cars are becoming more and more difficult. Since they are, most of the time, older cars repairs and replacements are probably going to be more and more frequent.

Transmission repairs are probably no exception. This is because transmissions go after a few years. Luckily for those who do not have a working Pontiac, just about every major city and town in America has an auto body repair shop. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Twin Charlotte can provide citizens from all over the major Carolina area, auto repairs. This also includes transmission repairs, which is a type of repair that most auto body shops should be the ones to take care of.

How to Solve a Pontiac’s Transmission Problems

With the Pontiac cars now being older, transmission problems are more and more common. Doing some quick research on Google, here are a few tips to repairing an old Pontiac’s transmission.

Replace Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter controls the emissions of toxic pollutants within a car. These need to be kept up on due to the fact that they can go after a few years.

Repairing Wires

Much like anything else, keeping up on wires and getting newer wires is the best thing to do with a transmission. 

Substituting Fuel and Oil Lines

Not taking care of fuel or oil lines can result in not only a polluting issue, but a highly flammable

one. Substituting the lines for new ones is a good way to keep the fuel of the transmission in check. 

Swap Intake and/or Exhaust Actuator Valve

The two actuators need to be repaired from time to time, especially in an older car.

Replacing Electronic Transmission Actuator

Finally, keeping up with electronic transmission actuators can be the best way to keep an older, electric car system, running well.

An Older Car

Owning an older, more “retro” car is a pretty cool thing. However, finding out that the car is older and sometimes with repairs that they may not build those parts anymore can be an issue. Pontiacs, unfortunately fit into this category. However, it is good to keep in mind what kind of transmission repairs are going to be needed for your Pontiac.

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