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BHyundai Accent Transmission Repair Charlotte NCefore looking into a complete rebuild on a Hyundai Accent Transmission, there are several different things you can look for to try and diagnose your transmission problem:

► Is there fluid leaking?
► Is the unit overheated?
► Are there strange noises? (buzzing or humming)
► Problems shifting between gears?

Each one of those Hyundai Accent transmission problems can point to a different type of repair. For example, if there is fluid leaking, that could be caused by a broken gasket or loose/missing pan bolts. If it is overheating, that could be caused by clogged lines, which have to be fixed or replaced by a professional. Other transmission problems cannot so easily be diagnosed by yourself, and must be inspected by a transmission specialist.


Many times, problems with shifting gears or loss of gears can be solved by a transmission rebuild repair. We specialize in all types of transmission repair and transmission rebuild, including Hyundai Accent transmission repair.

Here are some additional problems wth Hyundai Accent Transmissions:

Poor transmission shift: Transmission may not shift out of park due to blown fuse, bad brake-light switch or transmission shift-lock solenoid. (1999)

Transmission problems: If transmission sticks in 3rd, shifts poorly, or has harsh 1-2 shift, the pulse generator may need to be replaced. (2000-2002)

Transmission slippage: Poor shifting, slippage or a transmission that will not shift out of third gear can often be traced to corroded connectors or other problems in the wiring, which may require replacement of the wiring harness. Other shifting problems may be caused by a problem with the transmission-fluid temperature sensor or pulse generator. (2000-01)

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