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A transmission flush is done as a means of maintaining the transmission of a car. It usually consists of removing old transmission oil from the car, and replaced with new oil. Before the new oil is put into the transmission however, a special machine is used to help clean the transmission so that it is free of any debris. There is a lot of debate on the importance of transmission flushing, however. Here are the two sides of the argument to help you make your own, informed decision on the importance of a transmission flush.

Some Say it is Not Important

To some people, including experts, there is little to benefit from doing a transmission flush. There is a belief that the professional equipment used during the flush can actually cause damage to the engine. People also believe that any residue being removed can end up somewhere else and cause more problems later on. Another reason people debate the importance of a transmission flush is in regards to the cost of the procedure. Most mechanics charge a lot to do a transmission flush, which lead many people to believe the only reason it is recommended is so that a mechanic can make more money.

Others Say it Is Important

Just as people think it can damage an engine, other people believe that a transmission flush can help expand the life of the engine. Transmission flushes are also considered, by some, important to do when your car is having certain problems. One of these is a slipping transmission, which refers to when a car is “slipping” out of gear due to transmission problems. But, beyond certain transmission problems, transmission flushes are suggested for every 30,000 miles or two years.

It Depends on You and Your Car

With two strongly opposing sides, it is hard to really decide whether or not a transmission flush is actually important or not. When considering it for your own car, read the manual to see if flushes are mentioned. You should also be sure to talk a mechanic that you trust to give you an honest answer. A mechanic knows more about cars than most people, so they will have a better understanding about transmission flushes. However, something to keep in mind is that you should only get a transmission flush from a mechanic who has experience in performing this type of maintenance, and who is reputable. Just keep in mind; this is not a cheap process.

Maybe you can see the importance of a transmission flush for your vehicle, at least every two years. Maybe you do not see it. Whatever the case may be, the choice is yours to make. But, the better informed you are, then the better the decision will be. Do not make any moves immediately, just sit and think on it a little longer, and do some more research. Again, also remember to consider talking to your mechanic – they may be the voice of reason for you, for one option or the other.