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Designed and manufactured by General Motors, the 4L60E is an automatic transmission. It has four forward gears and to this day it is considered as one of the best transmissions ever manufactured. The 4L60E was featured in some of the best vehicles over the years. Intended for use in rear wheel drive vehicles, the great thing about the 4L60E is its versatility. Since its inception, it has been seen in a wide variety of vehicles. 

The 4L60E was initially introduced in GMC trucks and SUVs. Later it was also included in performance based cars like the 1994 Chevrolet Camaro. Even today, the 4L60E is popular among enthusiasts. Some prefer to use it in their trucks for superb torque while others prefer the 4L60E as a high performance upgrade for their street rods and muscle cars.

The 4L60E is not just popular because of its durability. The transmission offers various options which allow extreme customization to boost performance. Let’s look at some of the features of the 4L60E.

A Substantial Improvement in Fuel Consumption

The 4L60E is a great option if you are planning to upgrade your vehicle or work on a restoration. The advantage that this transmission serves is the overdrive gear. The overdrive gear of the 4L60E provides a spectacular boost of forty percent in fuel consumption. An improvement in fuel consumption is a big advantage considering gas prices nowadays.

Various Customization Options Available

Since the 4L60E is one of the most common performance transmissions in the market, you get various customization options available. These upgrades allow you to boost the performance of your car’s 4L60E without replacing it. There are complete shift kits available that allow you to alter the performance level of the transmission. You can modify it for towing, regular street driving or performing drag or strip racing.

Easy Programming of the Shift Points

Since the 4L60E is an electronic automatic transmission, the shift points can be easily changed. You can alter the shift points of the transmission with the help of a computer. Meanwhile, a regular non-electronic transmission would require longs hours of work on the governor.

With great power comes great responsibility; the same is the case with the 4L60E. It is excellent when it comes to performance, but it requires care and frequent maintenance.

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