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Mercedes is a manufacturer of topnotch vehicles but sometimes the transmissions develop certain problems. Manual transmissions are durable and seldom develop any faults throughout their lifetime. However, automatic transmissions, by default, are more prone to failures. This is mainly because of the complexity of this type of transmission. Let’s look at the three most common transmission problems that arise in Mercedes vehicles:

TRRS Switch Issue

The TRRS switch is an electrical switch which is responsible for conveying signals to the transmission computer. This switch is located in the centre console of the Benz. In ideal situations, this switch doesn’t cause any problems. This is because the build quality of the switch is impeccable. However, this switch can fail at the slightest exposure to liquids. This seems highly unlikely, but even if you spill a beverage on the center console, the TRRS switch gives way. The worst part is that this switch cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. Leaving the top down or the sunroof open can also expose the switch to liquids.

Electrical Issues with Transmission Computer

The transmission computer of the Benz is bound to fail sometime. This is not because of some manufacturing defect, but because this is how electrical systems are. If the transmission computer is not working properly or stops working altogether, the transmission will not work at all. The best thing about the Benz is the fact that these repairs are quite cheap in newer models. Since such issues turn up quite frequently, Mercedes has designed the transmission computer in a way that it can be easily repaired without removing the transmission.

Fluid Leak from Conductor Plug

The conductor plug often leaks fluid. This is quite a common problem in Mercedes vehicles. When the conductor plug leaks, the fluid makes its way into the electronic components. Since the components are soaked in fluid, they stop working. The conductor plug can easily be replaced, but the electrical components have to be cleaned. Moreover, all contacts must be cleaned using contact cleaners.

These are some of the most common transmission problem issues that occur in Mercedes vehicles. Do you have a problem with your Mercedes transmission? Let the transmission repair experts at Twin Transmission help you! Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free transmission repair estimate.