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Many who bring their vehicle to our Charlotte transmission service and repair shop are both surprised and relieved to learn that a problem with their vehicle’s transmission does not actually mean they need a lot of money to repair it. In fact, there are several transmission problems that can be solved without having to remove the transmission from your car.

transmission repair charlotte nc minor adjustmentFaulty Sensors
An example of when a transmission needs a minor adjustment would be if you had a late model transmission that is failing to shift correctly. This can often be caused by a faulty sensor receiving incorrect signals from the computer. Shifting problems can also arise when a transmission is not responding to the computer due to a bad connection or defective solenoid pack. These types of repairs can be fixed without removing the transmission from the car, which in turn, will save you a considerable amount of money compared to a transmission rebuild or transmission replacement.

Throttle Cable Adjustments
In situations where a non computer-controlled transmission is either shifting too early or too late, the throttle cable may need to be adjusted. Seldom will a throttle cable go out of adjustment on its own or because of wear and tear, but rather most mis-adjustments are a result of other repair work or due to damage from an accident.

Reseal Job
Spotting of red oil on the ground underneath your vehicle is usually indictative of your transmission needing a reseal job. Reseal jobs are done in order to repair external transmission fluid leaks. Checking for leaks involves one of our technicians placing your vehicle on a rack to examine the transmission for signs of oil leaks. If while examining your vehicle our techician notices leaks near any of the external gaskets or seals and your transmission is otherwise performing well, our recommendation will usually the transmission be resealed. While most external seals can be replaced without needing to remove the transmission, a front seal replacement requires the removal of the transmission in order to gain access to it, resulting in a more expensive transmission repair.

Although these three examples of minor transmission adjustments can save you money, in some cases, there is no “quick fix” and a transmission rebuild may be necessary. The best way to tell if you need a transmission rebuild is to come by or contact us for a free transmission repair diagnosis. We have been repairing and rebuilding transmissions in all types of vehicles, and although each transmission problem is unique, we have repaired or rebuilt the same transmission as yours before. Call us or fill out our form to the right for a free estimate.