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No matter the year or model, Honda vehicles have remained a fairly popular choice with many car owners throughout the years. As with many vehicles, however, any Honda vehicles is not without its flaws. As a soon-to-be car owner, even if it isn’t your first car, it is imperative that you conduct the proper research beforehand so you have an idea of what type of vehicle may best suit your needs. To assist you in your research below are the most common problems with Honda vehicles to be aware of when purchasing a car.

Transmission failure

As with many other types of vehicles, Hondas commonly face issues with the transmission of the cars. Common transmission issue with Honda vehicles are transmission slippage, skipping, the car shifting poorly, or just the transmission failing outright. Most transmission repair can be fairly expensive and may even require a complete transmission replacement. If the Honda is still under factor warranty, or any warranty that you purchased with the vehicle, then the repairs should be covered or at least partially covered. 

Vibration while braking

Another common problem with Hondas is that you may experience vibration while braking. The vibration felt when braking could be a sensation similar to a shaking, rattling, or rubbing. If this occurs, the cause is usually warped front brake rotors.

Issue with compliance bushing

When you are driving, if you hear a shuddering or squealing noise while turning, it is possible that a part of the steering or suspension mechanism of your Honda is broken. Typically, the cause is the compliance brushing of your vehicle, especially in ones that are nearing 100,000 miles. In most cases, a faulty compliance brushing can be detected with a routine service or oil change. A cracked or otherwise compromised compliance brushing is a common issue with Hondas, especially with Accords.

Failure of power door lock

As with any other automated feature on a Honda, they have the ability to easily malfunction. Some Honda models, such as the accord, experience issues with the power door locks activating on their own. If your vehicle has a remote door lock control, then it may not function properly as the vehicle ages, and you might experience problems with is the alarm of the vehicle going off due to the malfunctioning.

Dark dashboard

As with many of types of vehicles, as you’re a car ages it experiences many issues, such as a dark dashboard. A dark dashboard can be especially dangerous if you cannot and should be replaced as soon as possible. The problem is commonly due to a circuit board issue, which may need to be entirely replaced.

Vehicles are made through the design of humans, and, as such, they will not be without their flaws. Time and age can cause even superior makes and models to experience wear-and-tear as parts and functionalities become faulty and begin to malfunction. If you find this happening to your vehicle, then visit the website for Twin Charlotte today!

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