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Not many people are aware that they have options when it comes to fixing their transmission and

that either option can potentially save them money versus the other. It is important to weigh your

options because it is not only important to your wallet in savings, but to your vehicle in safety.

Below are some of the reasons you may want to rebuild versus repair your transmission:
1) Repair: When your Engine Begins to Stall or Sputter Upon Starting

If you begin to hear a slight putter or feel an unnatural (not usually like the usual engine

shakings) vibration, it is important to make sure to get it checked as soon as you can to prevent

issues from happening further down in your engine’s transmission systems.

2) Rebuild: When your Engine Completely Cuts Out When Beginning to Drive

One of the most important things in a vehicle is that it is reliable when you are actually driving it.

If your car completely shuts down while driving it, it is time to look into rebuild a new

transmission to avoid using certain parts that may be hindering the proper functions in the

systems. In this instance, the engine may still be drivable, but the intervals to which it decides to

fail may increase during different times.

3) Repair: If Your Timing Belt/Chain Broke

Your timing belt is an important piece of the transmission which, when damaged, can cause

unwanted friction on the engine walls and prevent the engine and its cylinders from rotating

properly. A timing belt repair may not be completely light on the wallet, but in the long run it is

much easier and potentially safer (if the rest of your engine is running smoothly) to simply have

it repaired by a trusted transmission specialist than to completely buy a new timing belt part.
4) Rebuild: If Your Engine Consistently Stops Working

If your engine consistently stops working, especially if you’ve gotten it fixed before for the same

issue, then it is time to rebuild (or even replace) your transmission system. Of course, it is never

a good sign when anything you are relaying your safety on stops working in the midst of it

supposedly protecting you and your family. As soon as you know that something is wrong with

the stop and start actions of your transmission, please go to your nearest transmission specialist,

such as Twin Charlotte Transmission, and get your transmission assessed to fix it.

So, now you know some of the ways to tell the difference of what may be best for your

transmission to either repair or rebuild it. Before making any decisions whether which is best for

you, consult with a transmission specialist to confirm it is the best form of action for you and the

safety of your family.