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If you are having trouble with your transmission, you may not be able to decide if you should have it repaired, rebuilt, or just go all out and purchase a new one. The choice you make is up to you, but ultimately, one option may be better over the next. If you are unsure of what to do, speaking with your local mechanic can help you understand a bit better about what you should do.

Since there are several options when it comes to your transmission, you need to weigh each one individually before you can decide what the best option for you is. Always consider the cost and quality of the service and parts first before you make your final decision.

Rebuilt Transmission

If you have the option of having your transmission rebuilt, then you may be wondering what this means and how it can help you. A rebuilt transmission means that the transmission has been taken apart and inspected by a qualified mechanic. If there are any pieces in the transmission that are broken, worn down, or damaged, they will be replaced during the rebuild. Once the parts are replaced, the transmission is pieced back together according to the manufacturer’s standards and specifications. You will also receive new bands, seals, and clutches with the rebuilt transmission.

New Transmission

A new transmission is one that is placed in a new vehicle and is not typically available to the consumer. The new transmission cannot be bought at your dealership; however, you can get a remanufactured transmission, which is similar to a new and rebuilt transmission. With a remanufactured transmission all of the work performed on the transmission is done in a manufacturer’s warehouse or a factory setting and not done by an individual mechanic or a mechanic at a dealership.

Repaired Transmission

A repaired transmission is a transmission that has had one or more pieces of the transmission fixed or replaced. Typically, when a repair is performed on a transmission, the inner parts are not touched. For instance, if the transmission is leaking, then the piece that is leaking will be replaced. If a solenoid is damaged or needs to be replaced, then it is. These are all external fixes and not internal. The interior of the transmission remains the same and is not taken apart as with a rebuild. A transmission that has been repaired can still fail and need a rebuild later on down the road.

Find a Quality Transmission Mechanic

If you need help deciding what the best option is for you, speak with your local auto repair shop in Charlotte, NC. You will find that the type of repairs and service you need will dictate what type of service you need performed on your transmission. For instance, if you have a leak and it can be fixed by replacing a hose then why have the transmission rebuilt? Pay attention to everything, ask about the price, and only work with an experienced mechanic.