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e40D transmission ford 250One of the first statements we hear from telephone callers in Charlotte NC is “I think I need a Rebuilt Transmission.” Then, of course, the next question is, “How much does it cost?” Our first thought when we hear these questions are “Has the vehicle been properly diagnosed?” Only a proper diagnosis on your vehicle will accurately tell us if you do, indeed, need a rebuilt transmission. (Get a Free Transmission Diagnosis here.)

We once had a phone call from someone with a F250 Ford Pickup truck (E40D automatic overdrive truck transmission). He asked us for a price to rebuild the transmission, however we offered to give him a free diagnosis on the vehicle first, before we brought the transmission in for a rebuild. The caller was very resistant to our suggestion of a diagnosis and never came by.

Instead, he called a competitor down the street who gladly quoted him a low price just so the man would bring the vehicle in. About 5 weeks later, the same man called us back asking for a free diagnosis. We told him of course, and he was here within a few minutes. He explained the competition rebuilt the transmission and the price they quoted ended up being three times the actual bill. The bigger problem was that his truck was not fixed; it was having the same problem as it did before.

How could this be? No proper transmission repair diagnosis. The transmission shop he called gave him what he wanted, instead of what he needed.

We ran our diagnosis with our state of the art scanning equipment to find a trouble code for a TECA (transmission electric control assembly) relay. This $25 part helps the computerized transmission work, but it is not bolted to the transmission.

Yes, his transmission did need work and some maintenance, but it did not need a rebuilt transmission to make it operate properly. A transmission diagnosis by a professional would have saved him a bunch of money, and lots of aggravation and frustration.

Don’t get taken advantage of —
get a proper transmission repair diagnosis BEFORE you jump into a rebuilt transmisson.

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