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One of the main and first questions we hear from potential customers either over the phone, email or blog is: “If I did need a transmission repair or rebuild…what is the price for that?” In many cases, a client first wants to know what their “worst case senario” may be.

This is a very fair question and I want to take you through the top 3 items that make up your rebuilt transmission price so you will have a better understanding on what your “worst case senario” price may be, or how much a transmission repair may cost you.

1) Time
The first thing you need to know about rebuilt transmission prices is that the time involved to complete the rebuild is one of the major factors (besides parts needed) that help to make up the price for your rebuilt transmission or transmission repair. Although some vehicles carry the same or similar model transmissions, the time to remove the transmission from the vehicle, disassembly, draining of transmission fluids, inspecting all interior parts (replacing damaged or worn parts) and more are tasks that must be completed and do require a minimum amount of time.

Key Note: A “fast” transmission rebuild should raise a flag or some concern. A complete transmission rebuild includes removing the transmission from your vehicle, taking apart the entire unit, inspecting and cleaning every part, removing and replacing damaged or worn parts, draining all fluids, replacing fluids and more.

2)  Parts to be Replaced
There are many cases when a transmission rebuild can be quoted as a final number. However, in some vehicle and transmission types, there are interior parts within the transmission that we cannot guarrantee that they do not need to be replaced until we open the transmission unit up and inspect the hard part itself. Some interior hard parts can cost between $100 – $600, the price will vary depending on the part. However, when we do give you a estimate for the complete transmission rebuild, we can let you know up front what the cost may be if the additional part is damaged and does need to be replaced. This will help give you a more exact “worst case senario” pricing for your rebuilt transmission.

3)  Warranty
There are many transmission repair shops around the Charlotte NC area and across the United States that offer low time frame warranties with their rebuilds, and then there are reputable shops such as ourselves that offer the longest transmission rebuild warranty in NC (3 Years / Unlimited Miles). There is a method to these different warranties – and it usually has to do with the experience level of the transmission mechanic or the parts that are being used. There are some parts that go into a rebuild transmission that come with a warranty themselves. Here at Twin Charlotte, we use the best quality in transmission parts — therefore, we can also pass their great warranty onto you, our valued customer. Smaller shops may offer a shorter warranty period due to the part that they are using – it may only come with a shorter guarrantee itself.

I hope this article helps you understand the prices of rebuilt transmissions! Do you think you have a transmission problem and need a repair or rebuild? Leave a comment below or contact us today at 704-821-3460. You can also email me direct at beth@twincharlotte.com with any questions.