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Used Transmission vs Rebuilt Transmission Charlotte NC 0713If you are having trouble with the transmission in your car, you can either have the transmission rebuilt by a professional transmission rebuilder, or you can entirely replace it with a new transmission. However, replacing the transmission with a new one can cost a lot, which is why a lot of people consider buying used transmissions. Whether you are buying a used transmission or getting your own rebuilt, there are certain things that need to be considered.

Twin Transmission, also known as the Transmission King of Charlotte NC, performs over 1000 transmission rebuilds per year. There are many options when it comes to replacing or rebuilding your transmission, as all cases are not the same. If you have questions about a transmission rebuild, call us today to speak to one of our transmission repair specialists or transmission rebuilders: 704-821-3460 


Functional Parts

When you get your transmission rebuilt, it is opened up completely and inspected for all the parts that have reached their maximum usage limit. This means that old, worn, or broken parts will be replaced with new, fully functional parts.

On the other hand, if you purchase a used transmission, you will more likely get it from a car that was out of use for a long time. The condition of this transmission could actually be worse than the state your current transmission is at.

When we open up your transmission, we will be able to determine if additional parts are needed or must be replaced. This does not happen with a used transmission, as a used transmission typically comes “as is”.


As Charlotte NC’s best transmission repair shop, we offer the areas longest transmission rebuild warranty. Our professional transmission rebuilders can have your rebuild completed in just 2 – 5 days typically. Our warranty lasts 3 years / Unlimited miles, unlike other transmission shops that only offer a 6 month – 1 year warranty.

This can ensure you that your new transmission is functional; and if you do ever have an issue down the road, you are completely covered 100%. However, when buying a used transmission, there is no guarantee about how it will work. Used transmissions rarely come with a warranty and are typically sold “as is”.

Less Time Wasted

Another advantage of getting your transmission rebuilt is that it can be done in just a few days. It takes 2 – 5 days at most to get your transmission rebuilt, and you can have your car in a perfect working condition in no time. However, if you plan to get a used transmission, it can take as long as three weeks or a month to find the right transmission and then have it installed.

As Charlotte’s best Transmission Rebuilder, we rebuild over 1000 transmissions each year. We are top rated (click here to read our reviews online) and carry the Charlotte NC area’s longest transmission warranty. When your wheels do not spin, you can count on Twin to get you back on the road and moving again. 

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