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Honda, unfortunately, is one of the top vehicles for transmission problems and transmission repair. The need for transmission repair is commonly found in Honda Accords, Honda Odysseys, Honda Pilots, Honda Civics and more.

Common Honda Transmission Repair Problems:

*Transmission gears are slipping
*Car will not move forward
*Loss of transmission gears including 1st, 3rd
*Burning smell – particularly in your transmission fluid
*Noises from the transmission, even when in neutral
*Clutch will not engage
*Transmission Fluid is leaking (this fluid will be red or dark red in color)
*Check engine light is on
*O/D light is flashing
*and other symptoms

Transmission repair is very common for Honda’s made in the early 2000’s. The Honda Transmission from 2001 – 2003 is most commonly seen here at our shop.

To avoid transmission repairs with your Honda, be sure to come in for routine maintainence of your transmission. Keeping up with scheduled fluid flushes and more will help keep your transmission in top shape and avoid costly transmission repairs.

Twin Automotive is Charlotte’s Transmission Repair Specialist for Honda Transmission Repair. If you have a honda vehicle in need of a transmission repair, call the transmission experts at Twin Automotive & Transmission.

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