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Have you noticed that your vehicle is leaking a red fluid? Then you’re most likely leaking transmission fluid. At first sight, you may become worried and are probably wondering if you should even drive your vehicle in the first place. The good news is driving with a transmission leak is not immediately damaging to your vehicle. Even so, if you notice that your vehicle has a transmission leak, you need to take it to your local garage as quickly as possible so they can fix your vehicle and ensure that it is working properly once again. Below are a few reasons why the next time you drive should be to take it to a trip to your trusted auto mechanic.


You may be stranded

This probably will not happen if you have a small transmission leak. However, if you notice that you have a huge leak in your transmission (i.e. you notice puddles of red fluid underneath your vehicle when you get ready to drive), then the next time you go on your commute could mean that you will quickly be calling a tow truck to come pick you up. If a transmission leak is bad enough, this could cause your vehicle to stop operating which in turn will leave you stranded on the side of the road. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you: take your vehicle to an auto mechanic shop that you trust, and allow them to fix it for you.

Ignoring the problem could cause internal damage

If you ignore the problem for too long, this could also cause internal damage in your vehicle. The transmission in your vehicle is composed of gears that are made of metal. If these gears run dry due to the transmission leak and you put off getting the transmission leak repaired for too long, you could have to have your entire transmission replaced (which is vastly more expensive than repairing a simple transmission leak).

Ignoring it will also be expensive

This cannot be stressed enough: if you ignore your transmission leak, you may be looking at a hefty price tag later on. As stated, this could result in having to replace your entire transmission, but you may also have to spend a lot of money on continuously pouring transmission fluid into your vehicle so it always has the proper matter transmission fluid. Depending on how severe the leak may be, you could be looking at having to 4 quarts of transmission fluid into your vehicle daily. This will quickly get expensive, so to save yourself unneeded time and money, again; take your vehicle into an auto mechanic shop that you trust, and allow them to fix the transmission leak for you.

Transmission leaks are usually never a big deal. The repair is easily fixable, it is usually quite cheap, and the only downside is it will take your vehicle around a month to be operating normally once again. Prevent the leak from getting worse and get it repaired as soon as possible!