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We all want an enjoyable drive even during the most ordinary of routine rides, but often times

we don’t want to have to keep up with it. It would be amazing if we had self-maintaining

vehicles that fixed themselves and updated any errors to a newer, better version of themselves.

For now, we must continue to be vigilant with the safety of our vehicles for ourselves and our

families. For the owners of the 2005 Kia Sportage, there are a few things to look out for in order

to ensure your transmission is working properly to continue to have a safe and enjoyable drive.

Some may think that the symptoms are obvious when it comes to finding problems in their

engine, but the symptoms actually start a bit earlier on and may have alerts that don’t seemingly

intertwine with the state of the transmission. Here are just a few of the main signs you should be

taking your 2005 Kia Sportage in for a transmission check-up:

1) Check Engine/Battery Light Comes On Intermittently

I know. This symptom seems obvious, but a check engine or battery light can indicate more than

just an oil change. Most of the time, indicators on your dashboard turn on due to a

miscommunication (mainly due to low power or foreign substance in the filters) between engine

and electronic components within the engine’s chamber. These indicators merely warn you of

what is beginning to happen, so it is highly recommended to get your vehicle inspected at a

reputable transmission repair shop, such as Twin Transmission Charlotte.

2) Jagged Steering, Especially When Making Turns

The steering in any vehicle is a good indicator that something may have become unhinged or is

improperly adjusted between the engine (transmission) and the steering (gears). You can usually

see the steering issue when you begin to increase the speed of your vehicle as the vibrations will

become more erratic and difficult to maneuver. When you begin to feel these vibrations, it is a

good idea to begin to make maintenance check-up appointments for your transmission.

3) The Brakes Wear Faster Than Normal

Do you find yourself needing to repair or replace your brakes and their hardware more often than

before? Do you hear squeaky noises when you start to brake or feel a slight rumble or rift when

stopping abruptly? That is clearly a sign that your brakes are being worn down, but an even

deeper sign if you had them replaced within the last 3 months. The brakes are like the limbs of

the car and the engine like the heart; in order to get good circulation and keep your entire body

healthy and functioning at optimum levels, you need to keep the heart healthy. Keeping the

mechanics of the engine working together keeps the neighboring parts working safely as well.

Remember, these are just the symptoms of what may be a much bigger problem coming to your

vehicle’s transmission on the 2005 Kia Sportage. Many common problems with your vehicle are

directly attributed to the engine, therefore the transmission. Take care to keep up maintenance on

your 2005 Kia Sportage and any other vehicles you may have to ensure you and others near you

are safe on the road.