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Any unknown issue with your vehicle can be alarming, if not scary, should raise immediate concerns over what the cause of the issue is. One of the more disquieting vehicle malfunction is when your engine is vibrating, which can result in shaking and noises even when the vehicle is idle. The largest concern with engine vibration, however, is that there are several common causes for it. Knowing some of the common cause can help dispel any extra stress or worry, and allow you to diagnose what is causing it quicker. Below are 4 main reasons Honda vehicles have engine vibration problems.

Worn out spark plugs

In many vehicles, especially Hondas, a common cause of engine vibration is faulty or worn out spark plugs. Spark plugs that are faulty and not functioning correctly cause the vehicle’s engine to not properly fire, or misfire altogether, on every cylinder. This is commonly known as the engine not firing on all cylinders. This common issue can be solved by correcting any spark or compression related issue, or simply replacing the old spark plugs y installing new ones. 

Faulty engine mounts

If your vehicle’s engine vibrates violently or shakes excessively when idle at a red light or when parked with the engine still running, this may be an indicator that the transmission mounts or engine mounts are broken and need to be repaired or replaced. A way to check that an engine mount is indeed the culprit is to put the car in neutral and see if the vibration decreases at all. If the vibration or shaking does decrease, then it is probably an issue with one of your vehicle’s engine mounts. Have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible by a professional mechanic, for it is a repair that can require a bit of intensive labor.

Faulty timing belt

Another common cause of engine vibration in vehicles is problems with a vehicle’s timing belt. Timing belts and other belts that are damaged, or simply loose, can cause any components controlled by the belts to not rotate on a consistent speed, which can result in the shaking or vibration of your vehicle’s engine. As a preventative measure, you should have the belts in your vehicle inspected on a regular basis by a professional. Ensuring that the belts are free from cracks and are tight, so that they are operating as they should, will prevent you from experience any intense vibration or shaking from your vehicle. 

No matter what vehicle you have, you may experience excess shaking or vibration originating from your engine, even when the vehicle is in idle. If you are experience such an issue with your vehicle, you should have it inspected by a professional as soon as you are able to as there are many probable causes, and it will help give you a piece of mind that something isn’t seriously wrong with your car. If you have any further car-related questions, especially in regards to your Honda or the transmission of your vehicle, visit the website for Twin Charlotte today!

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