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Top 10 Parts to a Car Transmission, How It Works, and Why It Is Important:

  • Torque Converter 

The torque converter acts like the clutch in a manual transmission. It keeps the car’s engine power separated from the transmission while the car is still and in gear. This component is really important because gear shifting would not be possible without it.

  • Input Shaft

The input shaft transfers the power from the torque converter to the internal gear sets. The torque converter gets power from the engine and transfers it to the input shaft. The input shaft then transfers it to the gears and then the vehicle moves.

  • Transmission Oil Pump

Comparatively the transmission oil pump plays the most important role in the entire automatic transmission. The auto transmission is also known as hydraulic transmission. Everything within the transmission is operated by hydraulics. This component produces the pressure that is required to get the components moving.

  • Valve Body

This component of the auto transmission ensures an even oil flow to the pistons and servos. The valve body further aids the transmission oil pumps to work properly.

  • Pressure Regulator

When the transmission oil pump creates pressure there is a chance of excess. The pressure regulator ensures that the pressure remains within the specified limit.

  • The Vacuum Modulator Valve

This is another important component of the automatic transmission. The vacuum modulator valve determines when a gear should be shifted with consideration to the engine load.

  • Planetary Gear Sets

The planetary gears are what the transmission is all about. The larger gears provide more torque while the smaller gears ensure that the transmission speed matches the engine speed.

  • Band

The bands are basically friction devices. Their job is to hold the gears within the planetary gear sets together. A newer transmission can have up to three of these bands.

  • Clutches

The disc clutches in an automatic transmission hold the planetary gear sets together. The front clutch assembly usually powers or drives the sun gear. The next clutch engages the planetary ring gear.

  • Output Shaft

The output shaft is connected to the differential. This is what drives the wheels and moves the vehicle forward.