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honda transmission repair charlotte ncThe Transmission in your Honda is a very essential part of your vehicle. Without your Honda Transmission working properly, your car will not be able to move or operate as efficiently as possible. Sometimes there are signs that your Honda Transmission needs to be repaired.

Here are the top 3 Signs you may need your Honda Transmission repaired or rebuilt:

1) Honda Transmission is Slipping

You can recognize that your honda transmission is slipping if the transmission up-shifts then drops out of gear while you are driving at a steady speed. You should see a decrease or increase in the RMPs of the engine and may also hear a change in engine noise when this happens.

2)  Clunking or Knocking Noises when Shifting

When you shift gears, there should be no sound. However, if a transmission issue is on the rise, you may hear clunking sounds or knocking noises when you shift. Noises like this can be a sign that your transmission gears have extreme wear and tear, or there may be a failure inside the Honda Transmission.

3) Fluid Leaks from your Honda Transmission

Transmission fluid is one of the most important parts to a Transmission. The transmission fluid protects all the moving parts inside the Honda Transmission and without it, the parts will just grind together, creating wear and will cause failures or breaks. If there is any sign of a fluid leak (transmission fluid will appear red or dark red), this is a major sign for concern.

There are many preventive maintenance options for keeping your Honda Transmission at its best condition and to avoid large repairs such as a transmission rebuild. Some of these include a Transmission Renew or Transmission Service that would allow us to inspect your transmission and change the transmission fluid.

If you think your Honda Transmission may have a problem or need a Transmission Repair,
Please contact us immediately at 704-821-3460 to avoid major damage.
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