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To keep your transmission healthy, you should regularly change the transmission fluid and have it inspected for potential issues. This ensures that even the smallest issues are tracked in time. Most car transmissions last a long while. But, some cars which had an issue with the design of their transmission are the Honda Accord, Odyssey and the Ford Explorer. Let’s look at what the problems with these cars were:

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular luxury sedans. It is loved for its luxurious drive and extensive features. However, some models of the Accord had some redesigning done to the transmission. This new design had some flaws which caused problems for the Accord owners. The gears of the Accord were not getting enough lubrication.

Due to this the gears would leave shavings in the bell housing. The metal shavings from the gears would get mixed with the fluid and clog the lines. In time the fluid flow would stop completely and the transmission would not get any lubrication at all as well as heat up. This would cause a transmission failure.

Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey is a popular minivan produced by Honda. It is loved for its luxury features and large passenger room. However, the transmission used in the Odyssey was similar to that of the Accord. Not only did the transmission share the same design but also the same issues. The transmission of the Odyssey also had a weak ball bearing. The lubrication issues combined with the weak ball bearing made the transmission highly unreliable.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an SUV known for its off-road abilities and comfort. However, the transmission of some models of the Explorer disappointed customers. The overheating of the transmission would cause gear teeth to chip off or even break. This could cause a dreaded transmission lock.

If you have either one of these vehicles, it is best to keep a check on the transmission to avoid any serious repairs.