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In today’s day and age, where there are all kinds of different forms of technology, there is going to be all kinds of variations, as well as versions. There are all kinds of smartphones that will help people communicate better at the end of the day. Big box stores like Best Buy and Target have almost too many different brands of TV sets and computers for any customer. Of course, that is not even going into the amount of accessories that are available for these kinds of technologies.

Cars, which are absolutely a unique form of technology, have all different types, brands and versions. From the popular sedans that average families drive, to the mini-vans that are perfect for traveling with families to the sports cars that show off a unique style and the absolute limits of speed on the road.

One popular car model is the sport utility vehicle, also more commonly known as the SUV.

The Sport Utility Vehicle!

The sport utility vehicle, or SUV, is popular due to the amount of features that they have. They are durable in snowy weather, have decent enough gas mileage and can fit a good amount of passengers. Like the name it said, the SUV was originally used for transporting sporting equipment and to an extent, athletes. Nowadays, it is used by families and just about everyone. It is a popular vehicle to have.

However, just because something is popular does not always mean that it is perfect and free from flaws. SUVs have their fair share of problems like any other type of vehicle. These are also not just repair related issues as well. For any repair issues, it is good to go to the professionals, like Twin Charlotte, who specialize in transmission repairs for example. 

Five Common Problems with SUVs

Safety issues

In general, most SUV drivers are just as safe as any other driver and not all of them have road rage. However, due to the size of certain SUVs, it can create all kinds of safety issues. They are more prone to rollover accidents on smaller cars for example. Also, their visibility can be restricted in some cases.

False advertising

Seen in just about every commercial for an SUV, viewers see the driver taking it all over off-road terrain. While they can withstand various environments, like snow and rain, many SUVs are incapable of truly competent off-road driving. In fact, most of them are made for the road only.

The so-called fuel economy

SUVs can hold more fuel than the average car, but that also means that they guzzle more gas in the process. Most SUV owners will spend twice as much on gas in the long run because of the amount of fuel needed for this kind of car.


Since the SUV is so massive and needs more resources, they can actually produce more pollution than an average car.

May not be best for cities

Another problem with SUV is their size, which makes them not so ideal to drive in the city. It is a lot hard to maneuver in the city with such a massive car.

With all that said…

The SUV is still an ideal purchase if that is what the driver is looking for. There is a lot to like about them. With their overall handling and ability to contain and transport a lot of people and equipment, it makes it ideal for large families. The SUVs may have their problems, but they have a lot of positives too.

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