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One of the best transmissions ever manufactured by General Motors is the 4L60E. It is a powerful transmission which can do wonders for your car’s performance. However, like all high performance transmissions you need to keep an eye on it. Here are a few common issues associated with the 4L60E and their possible solutions.

  1. Shifting Of Gears at Wide Open Throttle

The 4L60E often displays issues with the gear shifting at Wide Open Throttle or WOT. The gears will only shift if you let go of the throttle. This is a common issue with automatic transmissions and can easily be fixed by replacing the TPS.

  1. Constant Slipping Of Gears

Slipping of gears in the 4L60E may be due to one of many reasons. The slipping should not be taken lightly as it may lead to a major issue. Common reasons for the gears slipping are clutches that need replacing, leaking fluid or a crack in the sunshell. The issue may also be a result of a worn-out boost valve.

  1. Delay in Shifting Of Gears

A cracked accumulator piston is generally the cause of any delays in gear shifting. The issue can be repaired by replacing the piston and checking for potential damage to the spring. All damage components must be replaced to prevent further damage.

  1. Severe Noise When the Car Shifts Into Second Gear

In most cases, a cracked sunshell is the cause of noise when shifting into second gear. The only solution to this problem is rebuilding the transmission. The car should not be driven in this condition as it may lead to further damage.

  1. You Can Only Use Two Gears

There are times when only the first and the third gear are operational. This issue is generally caused by lack of lubrication and splints mixed in the transmission fluid. The only way to rectify the issue is to rebuild the entire transmission.

It is a great idea to know about these common problems and their solutions. In the event you have to visit a transmission repair facility, you will have a good idea of what the problem might be.