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The 2009 Camry is an intermediate size vehicle which was manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The Camry comes in a 4-cylinder type and a 6-cylinder engine. In addition, there is also a choice between automatic and manual transmission. If you own a 2009 Camry or want to buy one, there are a few repairs that you should keep an eye out for.

Problems with the Engine

The 2009 Camry has quite a few issues with its engine. For starters, the engine consumes too much oil. In addition, the oil needs to be changed every five thousand miles. However, a significant decrease was seen in the oil levels at only fifteen hundred miles.

Wheels and Bearings

The alignment of the 2009 Camry and the ball bearings in the tires caused the wheels to constantly become unaligned. The reason for the alignment fail was leaking struts. Due to this issue, premature tire wear was bound to happen. 

Problems with Brakes

The brake pad material used in the 2009 Camry was not durable. The brakes would wear off prematurely, especially the rear ones. In addition, the metal part of the brake pad would grind against the brake rotors and damage them. The brakes also had a grinding noise and would vibrate while stopping.

Steering Wheel Problems

The steering of the 2009 Camry had considerable problems with maintaining a straight course. Going in any direction, the car would randomly pull to either the left or right. Initially, it was thought to be an alignment issue or a problem with the tires. However, it is in fact an issue with the steering column of the Camry. There are also reports of the steering wheel coming off completely, which can be dangerous if it happens in a moving vehicle.

Transmission Issues

The automatic transmission of the Camry also had minor problems. Firstly, the transmission would not shift on time. It would randomly down shift or shift upwards. Another common problem that was noticed was with the park option in the transmission. Whenever the car was put in park on a steep surface, it would roll.

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