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There are many things to take into consideration when choosing someone to rebuild your transmission, such as “How long has this transmission shop been in business?”, “What experience do they have?”, “What do their customer reviews online say”?, and even “What parts do they use in a transmission rebuild?” 

When we perform a complete transmission rebuild, there is a specific process that we follow to ensure that you get the best transmission rebuild possible. This includes providing your vehicle with the best, top of the line transmission parts possible. By using these high quality parts, we are able to also give your transmission rebuild the longest rebuild warranty in North Carolina – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles.

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When we rebuild your transmission, these are just some of the steps and measures we take to ensure your transmission is completely rebuilt and restored to an “like new” condition:

-Your transmission is removed properly and safely from your vehicle
-The entire transmission is disassembled (yes, broke down into every single part, gear, valve and more)
-All fluids are drained from the transmission
-The entire transmission unit and its parts are cleaned thoroughly
-All transmission parts are visually inspected for wear and tear or damage
-Broken or worn parts are replaced (“Soft” transmission parts include clutches, bands, filter, sealing rings, bushings, external seals and gaskets — these parts are always replaced in every transmission we rebuild. “Hard” transmission parts are major internal components to your transmission – these include clutch drum, pump, or even a planetary gear set. There is no way to know for certain the condition of these “Hard” transmission parts until we disassemble your transmission and perform this visual inspection.)
-The transmission is rebuilt and put back together
-Transmission fluid is put back into the transmission, as well as the transmission reinstalled into your vehicle properly and safely
-Shop tests and road tests are performed to properly verify the transmission rebuild has been performed and comply with our quality checks and doublechecks!

This is just a brief description of the transmission rebuild process. Please know that when we rebuild your transmission, we understand that this vehicle may either be your daily driver, the car that totes your kids to and from sports and practices, or your only mode of transportation. Unlike a dealership or franchise, we are a family business that understands the needs you have for your vehicle. We take care of every vehicle that comes into our shop as if it were our own, our friends vehicle or even our own family members car.

Do you think you need a transmission repair or rebuild? Call us today at 704-821-3460, or use the form on the right to request a free estimate. We also perform Free Transmission Diagnostics at our shop, in person, so we can go over the problem you are experiencing with your car and provide a proper estimate for repair. To visit us, click here for directions.