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The 2014 Ford Focus is a notoriously bad car due to its transmission issues. The model was actually recalled due to its many transmission issues. Read on to find out more about the 2014 Ford Focus and the transmission problems that led to its recall.

  1. The Transmission Gears Won’t Shift

Nothing is more frustrating than having a transmission whose gears refuse to shift. You don’t want to have to put all of your strength and energy into moving a transmission clutch that just will not budge. A new car should have a nice and smooth transition when you shift gears. The 2014 Ford Focus is not the type of car you want to buy if you want a good gear shift.

  1. Loss of Control

Some people have had problems keeping in control of the 2014 Ford Focus. For example, it sometimes lurches forward at speeds that drivers can’t control, causing it to crash. A car this dangerous should not be put on the road, which is why it was recalled due to its numerous transmission issues.

  1. Dual Clutch 

The Ford Focus has a dual clutch transmission, which causes it to not be as smooth of a transmission as a single clutch. Its jerky going uphill and it tends to rev at weird times. It almost feels like a clunky sports car with the transmission issues. Although the car is wonderful to drive, if you can’t handle a clunky dual clutch transmission, the car can be very hard to drive.

  1. High Transmission Replacement Rate

The 2014 Ford Focus has a high transmission replacement rate. This means that the transmission often has so many problems and gets damaged so easily that needs to be repaired and/or replaced as soon as possible. Some people have reported that they had to get the car’s transmission replaced three or four times.

This sort of makes the car a money pit. Although it doesn’t cost much more than $20,000 for a base model, the amount of repairs that the car will go through will probably cost much more than the starting price of the vehicle. If you are looking for a cheap car, it is probably best not to go with the 2014 Ford Focus. You want an affordable car, but not one that will bankrupt you over time.

The 2014 Ford Focus has a good feel to it initially and it drives really well, but its clunky dual clutch transmission is enough to drive a person crazy. It is very jerky and it is hard to keep control of the transmission while driving the car. Along with this, the transmission gears tend to stick and will not shift when they need to.

Having a car with bad transmission is worse than having a car with dents all over it. At least it’s a quick fix to get rid of physical damages. You can drive a car that has physical problems, but if it has interior issues, the car will eventually become worthless with all of the repairs that have to be made.

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