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Your vehicle’s transmission needs to be properly maintained to ensure it is working well. If your transmission is beginning to fail, there are several reasons why. Consider the below things that can cause your transmission to fail prematurely and implement changes to save the life of your transmission.

Regular Service is Not Maintained

A transmission is a working mechanical component of your vehicle and when you do not properly care for your transmission, it will begin to fail on you. The fluid in your transmission is used to properly lubricate the interior of your transmission and keep it working efficiently.

When the fluid becomes dirty, your transmission will not shift as smoothly and may begin to cause problems.

Ignoring Transmission Problems

One of the biggest reasons for a decline in the health of your transmission is ignoring problems when they arise. When a problem occurs with your transmission, you may push it to the side and say you will come back to it. Hey! We all do it. We have busy lives.

Pushing a transmission problem for too long can lead to even larger problems and complete transmission failure. Transmission repair in Charlotte, NC is available to help you keep your vehicle on the road and shifting smoothly.

Factory Scheduled Services Not Performed

If your vehicle does not have its proper factory scheduled maintenance performed on it, you may be looking at a world of transmission problems. Your transmission should generally be serviced every 30,000 miles to ensure it is working correctly.

If you are unsure of your manufacturer’s suggested timeline for transmission repairs, speak with your dealer or call the manufacturer.

Engine Problems Not Diagnosed

Your engine works in conjunction with your transmission and if your engine overheats on a regular basis or you have undiagnosed engine problems, your transmission will suffer. When your engine is struggling to work, your transmission becomes stressed trying to pick up the additional slack.

Shifting Gears while in Motion

A common thing people do when they are in a hurry is shift their vehicle from one gear to the next, especially from reverse to drive or vice versa. When you do this on a regular basis, you wear down the gears in your transmission, which will eventually cause slippage. Always make sure your vehicle is completely stopped before you begin to shift into another gear.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Today

If you believe you may be experiencing transmission problems, take your vehicle to your local mechanic as soon as possible. When your transmission is too damaged to repair, you may need a transmission rebuild or complete replacement.

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, make sure that you are having the vehicle serviced regularly to prevent corrosion and excessive wear on the moving parts. Remember, the longer you allow a transmission problem to go undiagnosed or repaired, the more complicated the problem becomes.