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When a transmission starts to slip, it is important to get to an auto shop right away. Even if there is nothing wrong with the transmission yet, ignoring the signs can lead to bigger problems in the future. It is better to get to a repair shop now instead of waiting for the issue to get worse. If you experience any unusual smells or noises, grinding of gears, or problems accelerating or reversing, you might be having trouble with your transmission.


Worn Out Transmission Bands

Inside of an automatic transmission, there are gears that need to be held together by bands. These bands are connected to the housing of the transmission so when they become worn out or damaged, they should be taken care of right away. As the transmission bands begin to wear down, it can cause the gears to rub together and unlink from each other, creating engine problems.


Leaking Transmission Fluids

The smaller pieces of a transmission connect together to help the larger pieces work seamlessly. In order to do this, each connecting piece must be joined to create a seal. If this seal is broken for any reason, usually natural wear and tear, transmission fluid will begin to leak.


These leaks can happen in a number of places inside the transmission, including the pan gasket, torque converter, fluid lines, or in the transmission pan. When these parts begin to wear down, leaks are more likely to happen, even in a car that has been taken care of well.


Not Enough Fluid Levels

Transmission fluids need to be at a certain level in order for all the parts to work together. In order for the gears to be engaged, there needs to be transmission fluid helping produce hydraulic pressure. If there is a low level of transmission fluid in the vehicle, it can cause grinding of gears or overheating. As a car owner, you should check the transmission fluid often before more damage is done to your car.


Problems with the Clutch Plate

One of the most common problems with manual transmissions is a problem with the clutch. When it becomes too hard to shift into gear or you hear gears grinding, there could be low levels of transmission fluid. In automatic transmissions, clutch plates work the same way as clutches and can get worn out or burnt. Without replacing the clutch or clutch plate, you will not be able to drive your vehicle.


Failed Solenoids

A solenoid is a valve inside the transmission that is used to control the amount of fluid that is being cycled through the transmission. The solenoid works by applying fluid pressure through the valves so that a vehicle can shift gears. If there is an excess or lack of fluid flowing through the transmission, there will be a complication with the gear shifting and it can cause slipping.


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