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transmission repair cost charlotte ncThe typical cost of a transmission repair can vary. First off, what type of transmission problems are you experiencing? There are many different types of symptoms that can signal the need for a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild. Twin Transmission has been repairing and rebuilding transmissions for over 30 years. Here are a few different types of transmission repair costs:

1) Transmission Clutch Replacement

A transmission clutch replacement is the most common major type of transmission repair. There are a few parts that are typically replaced during a transmission clutch replacement, such as the clutch disc, throw out bearing and pressure plate. Each part has a specific cost that will determine the cost of your transmission repair. Other types of parts that may be typically replaced are master cylinders and slaver cylinders.

2) Loose Linkage Repair

Loose linkage is also the common cause for a transmisson repair. If you have loose linkage, this can be checked visually by checking for loose or leaking areas. The engine mounts need to be inspected to ensure the sounds are not coming from the engine mount itself also. If the problem cannot be solved, then the transmission may need to be removed from the vehicle to reconnect the linkage.

3) Transmission Rebuild

If your transmission is damaged, you may need a complete transmission rebuild. This is one of the most costly of transmission repairs, but when completed, will restore your transmission to an “almost new” state. A transmission rebuild involves removing the transmission from your vehicle, disassembling the entire unit, replacing the transmission fluid and any damaged parts and then rebuilding.

Do you have a transmission problem or think you may need a transmission repair? As transmssion repair experts in Charlotte NC, we can diagnose your transmission problem and get your vehicle in top condition quickly. Contact us at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate.