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The transmission rebuild process can be described as a process of replacing the worn out parts of the transmission system in the vehicles. This process requires lots of work and it can take some time before it gets done properly. Your Charlotte mechanics must take out and disassemble the transmission in order to check it out for problems and replace all the bad parts which cause those problems. The transmission system is composed of lots of different parts which are interconnected. Due to heavy usage and wear over time, these old and used parts need to be replaced with new parts.

However, there are a couple of things that should be done before the process of rebuilding of transmission takes place. The first important thing is to check and change the transmission fluid in a car with manual transmission. This is a very common problem in the automobiles that can cause a breakdown in the transmission. Dirty and old transmission fluid can cause the shifting of gears to be harder and stickier, and that is a first warning sign that something is wrong. The second thing is to check the computer system of the vehicles that have automatic transmission. The harder shifting in these vehicles and the slipping of the transmission can be caused by the computer that controls the automatic shifting. In these cases, the computer sensor should be replaced with a new one.

Full replacement of vehicle`s transmission is one of the most expensive processes that can be performed on a car. However, good thing is that if there are no major issues or problems then the transmission rebuild can cost lot less. That is why the transmission rebuild is so popular, because replacing the parts that are not working properly makes more sense than changing the entire system.

The main goal and purpose behind the transmission rebuild process is to change the transmission unit in order to work more efficiently, without the need to change every single individual part inside. In return, this will prolong the car`s life and will keep it running smooth and as good as possible.

The biggest benefit for choosing to rebuild the transmission instead of replacing the whole system is that it will save you lots of money. It is cheaper to rebuild than to buy and install a new transmission system, because the replacement of the whole system might cost like if you were buying a new engine. This way you will cut your costs in half.

The time period required for rebuilding the transmission system is usually shorter than to completely replace the system. It takes a few days for this to be performed, and it takes much longer for a complete change. This is because of the fact that it takes a long time to locate and buy such a big car part and it also depends from the car model. Not to mention than from the moment of order to the shipment and installment might even take a few weeks.