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If you’re having issues with the transmission on your car or truck, you may need to visit a mechanic that specializes in transmission repair in Charlotte NC. These skilled professionals know how to take a transmission apart and put it back together, ensuring that your car will run as well as it did when it was new. They’ll return it to you in great condition, ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

A professional mechanic skilled in transmission rebuilds will do the following:

Disassemble Existing Transmission

A professional mechanic will take your vehicle’s entire transmission apart, evaluating each part for damage. This operation requires precision and skill, and is often not something that can be completed in a home garage or by an amateur mechanic. The transmission is an essential part of the vehicle and must be disassembled carefully, so that it can be rebuilt properly in the future. If done correctly, however, a transmission rebuild provides you with a transmission that’s as good as new and will last for years to come.

Find and Replace Damaged Parts

After disassembling the entire transmission, the mechanic will find the parts that are damaged and causing your transmission not to work correctly. This process requires specialized training and skill, education, and a bit of trial and error. Once a damaged or broken part is found, the mechanic replaces it. This process is repeated until the entire transmission is operating correctly. Rebuilding a transmission can be a finicky process, but a skilled mechanic can take care of it in just a few days so that your car is running well again.

Replace Worn Parts

The mechanic will also evaluate any replaceable or softer parts of the transmission for wear and tear. Over time, some parts of a transmission wear down, and this can make it show its age and not work correctly. A talented mechanic can examine these parts for wear, replacing them before they fail. This allows them to return your transmission to a like new state, so that you don’t have to worry about one of these parts wearing out in the future. You’re left with a transmission that’s as good as new, instead of a transmission that’s only had one broken piece replaced.

Reassemble Entire Transmission

After finding the parts of the transmission that are either broken or prone to wear, the mechanic will reassemble the entire transmission in the correct order. They’ll then test each moving part to make sure that the transmission is working correctly. The entire process, from beginning to end, will take several days, but you’ll wind up with a transmission that’s comparable to that found in a new vehicle. Once you’ve had the transmission in your car or truck rebuilt, you shouldn’t have to worry about the transmission for the life of the vehicle.

When you need a transmission rebuild, look for a specialist that you can trust. A local mechanic with experience working on transmissions can help you completely rebuild your transmission so that your car is in like new condition.